“He’s just braindead,” xQc brutally roasts Adin Ross during recent livestream

xQc had some interesting words about Adin Ross.

“He’s just braindead,” xQc brutally roasts Adin Ross during recent livestream

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xQc is one of the most famous streamers on the planet. Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel started off as an Overwatch pro and branched out his content from there. The Canadian streamer now plays various video games on stream, even playing in the Chess.com Pogchamps tournament. He usually reacts to others’ videos, for which he has often been criticised. xQc also often finds himself surrounded by a lot of controversy.

xQc is no stranger to beef with other streamers on the internet. He has a long-standing beef with Pokimane. The two initially argued over gambling content on the internet. He also called her out recently for receiving fat checks from Twitch for practically doing nothing. It appears that the former Overwatch pro is now targeting Adin Ross.


A feud between these two is not new. It initially started with a prank that Adin Ross pulled on xQc. The prank went wrong, and there seemed to be some animosity between the two as xQc blocked Adin on Discord. With the recent remarks made by xQc, he seems to be relatively over it. They even recently got together for a stream on October 22, 2023, in Las Vegas, where they went gambling.

xQc calls Adin Ross braindead

xQc, while speedrunning Minecraft, discussed his offline interaction with Adin Ross. He said:

Listen, I've met a lot of bad people. A lot of them! I've met almost only bad people. Straight-up! And I can definitely tell you I talked to Adin off-stream... I just disagree with some of the things that he does all the people that he hangs out with.
Image via: Instagram/@xqcow1

Felix continued:

I disagree with, like, that he lets some people around him be dumb, and he kind of goes with the flow like that. But, I don't think, inherently, he's, like, bad. I just don't see it. Sorry, I just don't.

The former Overwatch pro claimed that he had a good scanner for people and said:

Like, I have a good scanner for people. I have a really good scanner! And, I'm telling you, like, it's just not there. He's pretty decent, he's just f**k ing brain-dead!

He ended by saying:

 Like, it's just the whole f**king... the whole social media, like, clout thing. Sometimes, you've just got to let it rip. You know? That's his main problem. But that goes with time.

Surprisingly, even many Adin fans actually agreed with his take.


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