How many subscribers does Kai Cenat have on Twitch in 2023?

How many subscribers does Kai Cenat have on Twitch in 2023?

Image Credits: Kai Cenat/ Instagram

Kai Cenat’s Mafiathon will go down in history to become the most successful subathon ever held on Twitch. The New York resident broke the remarkable records of Ludwig and Ninja to become the most subscribed Twitch streamer at present.


The streamer was able to achieve his goal even before his subathon neared its end. Surprisingly, the race to dethrone the renowned YouTuber in terms of subscribers ended in something even better. Kai Cenat was able to reach a 300K above sub count which makes him the first streamer to do so.

At the time of publishing this article, Kai Cenat holds 306,101 active subscribers on Twitch. The 300K mark was crossed earlier today and shortly after, the content creator decided to make things even more challenging. He is now aiming to breach the record of 307000 subscribers before he puts an end to his subathon.

Before reaching an all-time high subscriber count, the 21-year-old content creator became the most subscribed streamer in a single month. Apart from that, he has also become the first African-American Twitch star to achieve this coveted record.


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Twitch and renowned streamers congratulate Kai Cenat

How many subscribers does Kai Cenat have on Twitch in 2023?
Image Credits: Kai Cenat/ Twitter

Thwarting swatting attempts and escaping the Bill Clinton kid at The Game Awards, Kai Cenat has come a long way. The entire month was filled with a high dose of entertainment due to his subathon on Twitch. What added to the excitement was the presence of KSI and xQc on his stream.

The IRL stream at the Universal Studio theme park became highly popular among his fans. Most of the people in his community were sure that Kai Cenat will be breaking the record, and now that he has finally done it, there is no dearth of congratulatory wishes.

Even Twitch came in the forefront to acknowledge the streamer. Their official Twitter account posted, “The new king of Twitch, Kai Cenat is now the most subscribed channel in Twitch history, shattering the previous record of 283K subscribers.”


Other streamers who held these records such as Ludwig and Ninja were also elated to see this. Ludwig, who has now moved to YouTube didn’t hesitate to shade Twitch while praising him.

“Congrats to Kai Cenat for breaking the all-time subscriber record, very deserved”. He added, “Twitch, now pay the man before you lose another record breaker.” It is clearly visible that he is calling out Twitch due to their financial issues.

Fortnite pro Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins retweeted Kai’s photograph and said, “congrats man! so stoked for you.” Ninja previously held the record of the 2nd most subscribed Twitch account of all time.

Fan reactions

Twitter has been going berserk ever since Kai Cenat announced that he has made history on Twitch. The streamer recounted his journey while recognizing the Black History month. Several streamers gave out their reactions-


Kai Cenat mostly played Call of Duty, GTA and some other video games during his subathon. He also enjoyed playing FIFA and was even able to beat Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel.

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