How to download the Minecraft Bedrock Beta?

The Minecraft Bedrock Beta version allows players to test out the new mobs called the Frogs!

Minecraft Bedrock Beta
Minecraft Bedrock Beta

Minecraft has been releasing some great updates for the players in recent times. Here is how to download the Minecraft Bedrock beta version on your respective devices.

The game has just released the new Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs Part II update across all the platforms and this has been a great success. This update has bought in many new changes to the Caves and mountains of the game with addition of new biomes, mobs and increase in world height as well, However, to the surprise of many players the developers at Mojang have released a new Minecraft Bedrock Beta, which contains some test features from future updates!

Minecraft Bedrock Beta

Minecraft Bedrock Beta
Minecraft Bedrock Beta adds Frogs!

The year of 2021 has been very eventful for Minecraft as there have been two great patch updates as well as announcement for future expansions of the game.

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The Minecraft Live 2021 was a huge event and announced the Wild Update which is set to release next year, bringing in new mobs and massive biome changes. It will also be accompanied by the Deep Dark, which has been delayed for the next patch.

Mojang has suddenly surprised the players by releasing an early beta for the Wild Update for the Bedrock version of the game. This beta contains the Frog mob as well as their baby version, the Tadpole. Players can test the features out right now and report any bugs of glitches that might appear.

There are also some other changes in this beta and players can check out the whole patch note right here!

However, before joining the beta version, players need to keep in mind that it will replace the normal version and they cannot play in Realms. The version might also be unstable and riddled with bugs as it is still in testing phase.

How to download the Minecraft Bedrock Beta?


The Minecraft Bedrock Beta can only be downloaded on Windows 10, Xbox One and Android platforms. The players from other platforms cannot play the game yet.

Windows 10/Xbox One

  • Players need to install the Insider Hub app which can be found in the Microsoft Store and Xbox Store.
  • Open the app and find the Minecraft Bedrock an join the beta.
  • Download the Minecraft app from the Microsoft/Xbox Stores to enjoy the game!


  • Open Google PlayStore.
  • Search for Minecraft in the search bar.
  • Find the Beta testing option and become a Beta Tester.
  • Install or update the app and start playing!

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