How to flair pass in EA FC 24?

Flair Pass is a unique and difficult trick pull-off in EA FC 24. So here's how you can add this move in your quiver to own opponents in style

How to flair pass in EA FC 24?

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EA FC 24 has a new look than its predecessor. But a few things are still the same. The basic principles or the foundation of the game remain the same. Plenty of aspects are looked over but are pretty helpful to improve your gameplay. From Accurate Finishing to World-Class Vision, everything is involved in winning games on FC 24.


Similarly, a flair pass can also surprise your opponent because it allows you to pass sideways or backward with minimal advance notice of your intended path. This elevates flair passing beyond being merely an elegant method of enhancing your games. We’ve covered how to perform a flair through pass, flair shot, and flair lob in addition to how to flair pass in EA FC 24 below to assist you.

Perform the flair pass blissfully in EA FC 24?

In FC 24, a player passes the ball with a little more flair when they execute a flair pass. The player can use the side of their foot, add a small hop, or unintentionally execute a back heel pass, depending on which direction they’re passing the ball to. Now, to perform a flair pass:

  • On PlayStation systems, you must simultaneously press L2 and X to flair pass without utilizing the left stick for movement.
  • If you play Xbox, you must simultaneously press LT and A to flair pass without moving with the left stick.

(To execute flair passes in practice, release the left stick and press the appropriate buttons fast.)

Controls on EA FC 24
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Flair Lobs And Shots

  • PlayStation
    • A Flair Shot When the left stick is not being used, press L2 + Circle.
    • For Air Lob use L2 + Square without using the left stick, press it.
  • Xbox
    • Flair Shot When not using the left stick, press LT + B on Xbox.
    • Air Lob When the left stick is not being used, press LT + X.

5-star players and Icons like Vini Jr, Neymar and Ronaldinho execute these flair attributes quicker than everyone else in EA FC 24. Plus, the players with the Flair Playstyle have a more comprehensive bag of ways to execute flair in their gameplay. Using them to implement these flashy techniques increases your chances to succeed without giving anything silly away.

It takes time for most gamers to add it to their game because they have to develop and polish it. For others, it comes naturally to them. They may show their intentions from an early stage. It is essential to implement the most minor things into your game to dominate your opponents on Ultimate Team or Career Mode in EA FC 24.

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