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How To Get Pink Wink Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire For Free?

Free Fire X SpaceSpeakers Top-Up 2

Free Fire recently made the collaboration with the popular SpaceSpeakers quartet SOOBIN, Binz, Rhymastic, and Touliver to introduce various new themed items. Here in this article, we will take a look at how to get Pink Wink gloo wall skin in Free Fire for free.

This collaboration has introduced various themed costume bundles and top-up events. After the conclusion of the SpaceSpeakers top-up which provided players with an exclusive Katana skin and backpack skin, the SpaceSpeakers Top-Up 2 is here. Let’s take a look at how players can get free gloo wall skin in Free Fire.

Free Fire X SpaceSpeakers Top-Up 2

SpaceSpeakers Top-Up 2

The SpaceSpeaker top-up 2 event started from today i.e. on January 15th and players can top-up diamonds to get the rewards till January 21. The items available as the rewards are as follows:

  • Top up 100 diamonds: Pan – Hiphop Face
  • Top up 300 diamonds: Gloo Wall – Pink Wink

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How To Get Pink Wink Gloo Wall Skin In Free Fire?

Players can acquire both Pink Wink Gloo Wall skin and Hip-Hop face pan skin for free from the Spacespeaker 2 top-up event. To get these rewards for free players can follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Players can utilize the in-game top-up centre by tapping on the diamond icon present on the Free Fire lobby.

Step 2: There are various top-up options that will appear on the screen, and players should choose the best option depending on the reward they seek.

Diamonds Top-Up Event

Step 3: Once the top-up is confirmed diamonds will be added to the account. Players can afterwards attain the rewards through the SpaceSpeaker Top-Up II event.

The SpaceSpeaker 2 top-up event includes a legendary gloo wall skin and pan katana skin as free rewards on top-up of 300 diamonds. Thus raising the worth of top-up.

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