Ibai sets new Cocurrent Viewership World Record on Twitch with 3.3 million viewers!

Ibai sets a new World Record on twitch after having over 3.3 million concurrent viewers! Read more here!


Spanish Twitch Streamer, Ibai, recently held a boxing championship for the streamers and content creators of the spanish-speaking community which he also livestreamed.

The event, named La Velada Del Año II, managed to break the highest concurrent watching world record which was earlier held by TheGrefg at 2.5million concurrent watchers.

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Ibai sets the new highest concurrent watching World Record on Twitch!

Influencer boxing has been the hot thing of Internet Culture ever since the first fight happened featuring none other than British YouTuber, JJ Olatunji, popularly known as KSI.

ibai - Most Followed Twitch Streamers

Ibai “Ibai” Llanos, who is one of the most popular Spanish speaking streamers on the Amazon owned streaming platform, Twitch, is one of the biggest streamers on the platform overall.

With Influencer Boxing being bigger than ever, it was only a matter of time until we would see something from the side of the Spanish Speaking community of Twitch and see something of the sort we did.

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It was none other than that hosted his very own boxing tournament for the world to watch on none other than the very platform that made him into who he is, Twitch.


The event was full of drama that caught the world’s attention including the time that El Rubius called out xQc for a fight from the main stage during an interview that he was giving.

xQc has also given his own response to the challenge and it seems that a fight might actually be on the table this time around as xQc mentioned he would be ready to wager money on the line.

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Ibai’s tournament was a center for drama and entertainment for fans of streamers and the sport of Boxing alike making it a hotspot for people to gather and enjoy the sport that brought together a few of their favorite online personalities.

The event managed to gather over 3.3 million concurrent viewers at a time making Ibai’s channel the channel that now holds the world record of the most concurrent viewers on Twitch!

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