iDubbbz reveals insane amount of money raised by Creator Clash. Hint : It’s more than you might think!

The recent Creator Clash event hosted by iDubbbz was the most ambitious event of all time in Influencer Boxing history, Here's how much money it raised for charities!

iDubbbz reveals how much is going t0o charity from Creator Clash

The first ever Creator Clash took place on May 14th and you can bet it was indeed a huge success. The man behind the enormous success, iDubbbz recently uploaded a video where he revealed the amount of money raised by the event.

In his video, iDubbbz took his viewers on the tour of how everything went down and what lies ahead as Creator Clash continues to be praised even after 10 days of happening.

Here is how much Creator Clash raised for charity

One of the biggest events in Influencer boxing history, Creator Clash was an event which saw an influx of creators come together and engage in one on one boxing fights to raise money for charity.

With a total of 9 fights in the event, each between two influencers from either YouTube, or the amazon owned streaming platform, twitch, There was no lack of audience at either the venue, nor on the livestream.

Creator Clash iDubbbz
The Creator Clash had 18 creators go against each other head to head

Recently, iDubbbz, one of the OG YouTubers who organized the entire event, released a video titled “How I feel about my loss… (+Announcement)” in which he discussed the efforts that went into organizing the huge success and thanked all the members of the team that were behind making the event such a great success.

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He went on to say that he wanted the event to be a sort of a second VidCon or a SuperBowl type of thing, and that he was super glad that it ended up being that kind of a thing.

iDubbbz Boxing

He also said that he’d refrain from giving his opinion on a lot of the fights that happened in the event at least until the documentary comes out, subtly telling us that there will indeed be a documentary coming out.

Towards the end, he proceeded to tell his viewers what the total amount raised for charity through the event was, and in his words, “…The final numbers aren’t in yet but it’s looking like we’re going to be raising close to $1 million for charity” beating the initial numbers by way way more than ever expected.

Charities supported by Creator Clash
iDubbbz reminds his viewers of the charities that will be getting the money raised by Creator Clash

The charities that will be receiving the money are as follows :

  1. The Alzheimer’s Association
  2. The American Heart Association
  3. The Healing Horse Therapy Center

iDubbbz went on to reveal a couple more things that we will soon be revealing so make sure you return soon!

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