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IEM Dallas 2022: Format & Schedule, Teams, Groups, and other details

Here are the details about the IEM Dallas 2022: Results, Groups, Playoffs, Format & Schduele.

IEM Dallas 2022: Format & Schedule, Teams, Groups, and other details

The IEM Dallas 2022 is all set to start from 30th May to 5th June. A total of 16 teams are going to compete for the championship crown and a prize pool of $250,000 USD. The event is going to LAN in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, Convention Center Arena has a capacity of about 9,500 spectators.


The teams are shortlisted from three methods first four teams get the slot through their partnership with ESL. Six teams have been shortlisted by the ESL world rankings, and the remaining six teams get the slot from various regional qualifiers.

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IEM Dallas 2022 Format & Schedule

IEM Dallas 2022

IEM Dallas 2022 is divided into two formats first is the Group Stage where all 16 teams are divided into two groups of eight teams each. The groups have double elimination brackets.

The top 3 teams from each group will head towards the Semifinals, the runner-up gets a slot in the high seed quarterfinals and third-placed team get the low seed quaterfinals.

A total of six teams advance to the playoffs they face each other in a singe-elimination bracket, and all the matches are going to be Bo3 except the Grand Finals which is going to be Bo5.

Group Stage: 30th May to 1st June 2022

  • 30th MayGroup A | UB Round 1, UB Round 2, LB Round 1 | 21:30 ISTGroup B | UB Round 1 | 23:50 IST
  • 31st MayGroup B | LB Round 1, UB Round 2 | 21:30 ISTGroup A | LB Round 2 | 01:00 IST (1st June)
  • 1st JuneGroup B | LB Round 2, UB Round 3, LB Round 3 | 21:30 ISTGroup A | UB Round 3, LB Round 3 | 01:00 IST (2nd June)

Playoffs: 3rd to 5th June 2022

  • 3rd June | Quarterfinals | 23:30 IST
  • 4th June | Semifinals | 21:30 IST
  • 5th June | Grand Finals | 21:30 IST

IEM Dallas 2022 Groups

Teams Qualification Method Group
ENCEESL Partner TeamA
FaZe ClanESL Partner TeamA
FURIA EsportsESL Partner TeamB
G2 EsportsESL Partner TeamA
Ninjas in PyjamasESL Partner TeamB
AstralisESL World RankingA
MIBRESL World RankingB
Cloud9ESL World RankingB
Team VitalityESL World RankingA
MOUZEuropean QualifierA
Team LiquidNorth American QualifierB
Complexity GamingNorth American QualifierB
Imperial EsportsSouth American QualifierB
Encore ESCOceanic QualifierA
BIGReplacement TeamB
Movistar RidersReplacement TeamA

IEM Dallas 2022 Results

Group A

Match StageDate (IST)Time (IST)Map-1Map-2Map-3Winner
G2 vs MovistarUB Round 130 May21:30Nuke | 16-5N/AN/AG2
MOUZ vs ENCEUB Round 130 May21:30Nuke | 9-16N/AN/AENCE
FaZe vs EncoreUB Round 130 May22:40Dust 2 | 16-5N/AN/AFaZe
Astralis vs VitalityUB Round 130 May22:40Vertigo | 12-16N/AN/AVitality
G2 vs ENCEUB Round 231 May2:10Dust 2| 14-16Nuke | 14-16VertigoENCE
Movistar vs MOUZLB Round 131 May2:10Ancient | 9-16Mirage | 10-16NukeMOUZ
FaZe vs VitalityUB Round 231 May5:40Dust 2 | 16-11Nuke | 16-10InfernoFaZe
Encore vs AstralisLB Round 131 May5:40Vertigo | 3-16Nuke | 9-16OverpassAstralis
Vitality vs MOUZLB Round 21 June1:00Inferno | 16-14Mirage | 7-16VertigoVitality
G2 vs AstralisLB Round 21 June4:30Nuke | 16-5Dust 2 | 10-16Vertigo | 16-10G2
FaZe vs ENCEUB Round 32 June1:00Mirage | 16-12Ancient | 12-16Nuke | 8-16ENCE
G2 vs VitalityLB Round 32 June1:00Duke | 16-7Inferno | 16-14MirageG2

Group B

MatchStageDate (IST)Time (IST)Map-1Map-2Map-3Winner
FURIA vs ImperialUB Round 130 May23:50Mirage | 16-9N/AN/AFURIA
Liquid vs Cloud9UB Round 130 May23:50Vertigo | 5-16N/AN/ACloud9
NIP vs BIGUB Round 131 May1:00Ancient | 10-16N/AN/ABIG
MIBR vs COLUB Round 131 May1:00Nuke | 16-4N/AN/AMIBR
Imperial vs LiquidLB Round 131 May21:30Overpass | 9-16Vertigo | 9-16MirageLiquid
NIP vs COLLB Round 131 May21:30Vertigo | 16-9Overpass | 16-12NukeNIP
FURIA vs Cloud9UB Round 21 June1:00Vertigo | 16-9Mirage | 16-13InfernoFURIA
BIG vs MIBRUB Round 21 June4:30Mirage | 22-18Nuke | 16-4AncientBIG
MIBR vs LiquidLB Round 21 June21:30Ancient | 12-16Inferno | 9-16OverpassLiquid
Cloud9 vs NIPLB Round 21 June21:30Vertigo | 19-16Overpass | 16-5AncientCloud9
FURIA vs BIGUB Round 32 June4:30Nuke | 8-16Vertigo | 16-10Mirage | 10-16BIG
Liquid vs Cloud9LB Round 32 June4:30Ancient | 5-16Vertigo | 12-16OverpassCloud9

All Qualified teams for Playoffs IEM Dallas 2022

  1. FaZe Clan
  2. ENCE
  3. G2 Esports
  4. BIG
  5. FURIA Esports
  6. Cloud9
IEM Dallas 2022 Playoffs
Match StageDate (IST)Time (IST)Map-1Map-2Map-3Map-4Map-5Winner
FURIA vs G2Quarterfinal3 June23:30Inferno | 13-16Vertigo | 19-17Mirage |N/AN/ATBD
FaZe vs Cloud9Quarterfinal4 June3:00N/AN/ATBD
ENCE vs TBDSemifinal4 June21:30N/AN/ATBD
BIG vs TBDSemifinal5 June1:00N/AN/ATBD
TBDGrand Final5 June21;30TBD

Where to Watch IEM Dallas 2022

The IEM Dallas 2022 is streaming on across all platforms like Twitch and Youtube. Languages English, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, and Spanish.

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