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“If MrBeast made a gambling website, he has the potential to make billions” says Mizkif while talking about xQc’s fiasco

In his recent stream, Mizkif mentioned the possibility of MrBeast opening a gambling website. Will Jimmy do it? Find out now!

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After xQc’s huge huge drama that has been happening since the past couple of days which has also taken the streaming world by storm, Mizkif opened up about how things could change if MrBeast were to make a gambling website.

While evaluating xQc’s subreddit after the entire thing unfolded, Mizkif talked about how if MrBeast were to make a gambling website, he could get the scum out.

Will Mizkif’s push make MrBeast build a gambling website?

After not doing sponsored gambling streams for about a year, xQc recently announced that he would be doing another one in some time and the people did NOT receive it well.


While there were streamers who understood the thought process that went into accepting such a sponsorship, there were still many who opposed his decision to accept the sponsorship offer.

Mizkif talks about the possibility of MrBeast opening a gambling website

Mizkif, who had picked up the topic on his stream, was talking about how everyone has a price in terms of sponsorships and after hearing a number high enough, everyone’s moral compass goes wild and they end up accepting the money they are being offered because it doesn’t matter how much money one has, they’ll always want more.

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While he was going through xQc’s subreddit, someone in his chat suggested that MrBeast, the infamous YouTuber with over 95.5 million subscribers should open a gambling website.

Mizkif replied to that message by saying that “MrBeast if he ever made a gambling website, he would probably overtake Stake,” Stake being the infamous crypto gambling website which also sponsors Drake.

He further continued by saying “MrBeast has the potential of making billions and billions of dollars if he really wanted the scum out” making us wonder would MrBeast heed Mizkif’s advice and actually make one?

Will MrBeast open a gambling website?

Though Jimmy has been seen hosting Poker tournaments, it is highly unlikely that he will ever make a gambling website as those are based entirely on luck while there is a certain skill level to Poker by which people can actually turn their games around.

Whether or not will Jimmy actually host a gambling website is for him to decide and only time will tell if he does decide to make one after his various endeavours going on such as MrBeastBurger and Feastables.

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