Is the ‘No Building’ mode in Fortnite going to be permanent?

Multiple dataminers have discovered proof that the limited time mode will continue to exist. Checkout the complete article to know more.

Epic recently disabled building in Fortnite’s basic mode, a change that was explained in a convoluted storey video that culminated in a surprise cameo by Doctor Strange. “Videogames!” said Jody at the time. The adjustment was intended to be a one-time curiosity, but we expected that if it proved popular enough, a no-build mode may become a permanent option.

As a result, we’re not shocked that various dataminers have unearthed proof that Epic intends to retain the no-building option in place on a permanent basis. “The ‘No Builds’ LTM that will be available after 8 days will be called ‘Solo—No Build Battle Royale,’” TweaBR announced on March 21. For Duos, Trios, and Squad, there will be no-building options as well.

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Fortnite No Building mode permanent?

A few days later, HypeX confirmed the report, claiming that when the LTM ends, there are “separate No-Building modes that they can enable anytime,” and that most loading screen tips have been altered to say, “In modes with building enabled.”

When the no-building mode was introduced, we predicted that removing a core feature of the game would be a risky decision, but Fortnite has flourished for years largely due to its ability to reinvent itself. It’s a battle royale like PUBG, Apex Legends, and Warzone, but it’s a whole other experience—one in which any number of Marvel superheroes, Olympians, and/or hip hop stars may warp in, kick ass, and go on their way without raising an eyebrow.

Is the ‘No Building’ mode in Fortnite going to be permanent? 2

 Changing it again more (ironically, by making it more like its genre bedfellows) really fits with the Fortnite model rather well, and it appears to be working: Many people on Reddit were already hoping that a no-build mode of some form will become a permanent element of the game before the new revelations.

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