“I almost jumped off a building,” IShowSpeed admits contemplating SUICIDE during his hospital days

Speed's steady recovery has soothed and relieved fans.

“I almost jumped off a building,” IShowSpeed admits contemplating SUICIDE during his hospital days

IShowSpeed (credits: ishowspeed on Instagram)

The streamers’ community has been in turmoil for a while, with loads of dire stuff happening every day. Moreover, the recent drama between Adin Ross and Charleston White, a YouTube comedian, sparked a lot of debate online. The Kai Cenat’s giveaway event turning into a riot earlier this month has raised many questions in the community. Elsewhere, a piece of rather wholesome news has come up quite recently. IShowSpeed, who was hospitalized, just made a full recovery and talked about his recovering mental health, including contemplating suicide during the latest stream.


The famous streamer was on his long-awaited Japan trip earlier last month. Furthermore, the steamer did loads of horrendous stuff, from dissing Naruto to renting a girlfriend. However, everything worsened, especially at the end of his trip when a cluster of headaches hit him. The condition got so worse that the streamer developed a huge bump in his right eye. Moreover, Speed had to be admitted to a hospital due to it and spent quite a few days there.

Moreover, IShowSpeed hopped onto a live stream right after getting discharged from the hospital. The live stream on his YouTube channel was a delight for fans eagerly waiting to hear from the streamer. Furthermore, the streamer talked about loads of topics on this live, including his mental health and even suicide.

Speed touched upon how his mental state was during his initial hospital days. He even discussed the poor state of his head, all the while smiling as he worked towards recovery and improvement. Fans praised this side of their favorite streamer and labeled him “the best streamer of all time.


IShowSpeed talks about suicide and his recovering mental health

YouTube star IShowSpeed developed a serious sinus infection that completely swelled shut his right eye during a trip to Japan in the middle of July, resulting in his hospitalization. Cluster headaches, according to Speed, were so excruciatingly painful that he feared for his life. Fortunately, the streamer was able to gradually improve in the hospital.

“I almost jumped off a building,” IShowSpeed admits contemplating SUICIDE during his hospital days
(credits: Ishowspeed on YouTube)

IShowSpeed then further talked about his bad state of mental health during the earlier hospital days. The streamer even talked about how he was contemplating suicide and said how he was about to jump off the building. He said:

Bro, I almost fcking died. I almost jumped off of a fcking building, chat. I was this close to jumping off of a Japanese building. And I’m not trolling, bro. I’m being deadass. I swear on my life, bro. It was that freaking bad, bro. I literally had the worst-ever sinus infection. It got super, super bad. And the sinus infection was causing cluster headaches. …I pray none of y’all in the chat experience a cluster headache. It feels like somebody has a knife with your eye and are stabbing it from the back of your eye. That’s the one that almost killed me. That’s the one that almost got me. …I went through so much. I’m still healing.
IShowSpeed said

However, Speed is now in a good state and has almost fully recovered. Fans were really happy to see their loved streamer after such a long time and are celebrating his return to the streaming community. Speed also appreciated a lot of streamers who checked up on him during his hospital days, especially Adin Ross, who even reacted to Speed’s recent stream.

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