“Let’s go strip clubs are back,” IShowSpeed goes into frenzy of excitement over the release of the GTA 6 trailer

Like any other fan, IShowSpeed hopped on and reacted to the highly anticipated GTA 6 trailer and is elated over enhanced textures and features coming in the next GTA game

“Let’s go strip clubs are back,” IShowSpeed goes into frenzy of excitement over the release of the GTA 6 trailer

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While IShowSpeed is famous for creating various content on his YouTube channel, he first rose to prominence thanks to his gaming content. As a gaming content creator, it was natural that he was waiting for the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer to drop. As soon as the trailer went live, he was ready with reactions on stream.

Rockstar Games released the trailer for the game much earlier than expected. The trailer was expected at 9 am EST. However, Rockstar Games released the trailer almost 16 hours earlier than expected. This is due to the trailer being leaked by an insider. Considering that this is the most anticipated game in the world right now, the released trailer generated a lot of buzz and attraction over the internet.


Many famous personalities took to the internet to post their reaction to the GTA 6 trailer, including IShowSpeed. Speed cannot believe his eyes as the trailer starts. He starts shouting over the music, beats his chest and sticks his tongue out in excitement.

IShowSpeed loses his mind over the women in GTA 6

IShowSpeed’s reaction to the women in the game has been going viral more than any other part of his reaction to the trailer. A few seconds into the trailer, there is a shot of many people walking along the shoreline of a beach. Speed starts freaking out over the “BBWs” as he pauses the trailer to take an extended look.

Speed reacts to GTA 6
IShowSpeed enjoying the GTA VI trailer(Image via YouTube/IShowSpeed)

Ooh they got the black BBWs! The Black BBWs! Yes! Them Black Bulls. Oh my god, YES! Strip clubs are back. Let’s go, the strip clubs are back! Twerk that!”


Speed started screaming again when he noticed a strip club in the game’s trailer, showing his excitement for their return. He continued to talk about the texture of the female characters in the game. He asked his audience to pay attention to the girls. Additionally, he claimed that Rockstar Games designs them so that people can “beat their meat to it.


Other hilarious moments ensue throughout his reaction. He confuses GTA 6’s protagonist Jason for being Michael De Santa from GTA V. He is elated that the character is making his return. In the end, when the trailer reveals that the game is expected to come out in 2025, Speed jokes that he will be 50 years old when it comes out or may not even be alive.

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