IShowSpeed Net Worth 2024: how rich is the controversial FIFA streamer?

IShowSpeed Net Worth 2024: how rich is the controversial FIFA streamer?

IShowSpeed is a controversial internet personality

Currently one of the most controversial, entertaining, and famous celebrities online, is Damien Watkins Jr. popularly known as ‘IshowSpeed’. Although he had a YouTube channel since 2016, he was pretty inactive on it, as he focused more on High school and playing football for his school.

He had tried live-streaming with Fortnite and even uploaded a few clips of NBA 2K16, but didn’t have much going on over there. When the pandemic hit, a bored Damien reverted back to YouTube streaming to give it another try. This time, his 2K20 and 2K21 streams quickly grabbed the audience’s attention and propelled his subscriber count to a whopping 1 million subscribers in 2021.


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iShowSpeed Net Worth

IShowSpeed Net Worth 2022: Earnings, Relationships, and More

IshowSpeed’s current Net worth is estimated to be 12 to 15 million USD, with the majority of his money coming from YouTube. He is fairly active on the Google-owned app, which is maybe because of the ban his Twitch channel has. Damien has also engaged in the music scene and is a rapper, with a few songs that got famous on YouTube, like Shake; WorldCup, and Ronaldo (Sewey).

Damien is currently living in Ohio. He is a 17-year-old YouTuber with around 13 million subscribers on the platform. he was earlier in a relationship with Ermony Renee but is now allegedly single.


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What is iShowSpeed famous for?

IshowSpeed then moved to Los Angeles and started appearing on YouTuber Adin Ross’s streams, which again helped his career grow. Speed was pretty famous in the USA, but he also started gaining international attention from around the globe after a Fortnite clip of him went viral where was talking about his favorite football (soccer) player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

His famous clip of yelling “Cristiano Ronaldo SUI” got a lot of attention on social media, along with the rest of his short clips. IshowSpeed’s erratic behavior and eccentric mannerisms made him a meme icon, and TikTok was filled with shorts taken from his videos.


IshowSpeed’s controversial behavior

Ishowspeed, as mentioned earlier, has an eccentric personality, which leads to some questionable behavior by him. He has been banned from Twitch and forced out of different streams multiple times for his problematic behavior and inappropriate behavior. This ranges from being se*ist and explicit towards women, as he did in a particular Adin Ross stream with model Ash Kaash, to straight-up weird behavior like barking at people or yelling without reason.

This has landed Damien in hot water a lot of times, and while he has been excused a few times considering his age, some of his viewers brought him trouble after getting him swatted.

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