IShowSpeed stops horror game midway as he gets TRAUMATIC flashback to ‘IShowMeat’ incident

IShowSpeed getting flashbacks of 'IShowMeat' incident

IShowSpeed stops horror game midway as he gets TRAUMATIC flashback to ‘IShowMeat’ incident

IShowSpeed has been in headlines recently for a very controversial issue that took place in the past weekend. While streaming, he reacted to a horror-scare in a game which led to him having a wardrobe malfunction and leading him to violating YouTube’s terms and services. This major blunt would see him being cancelled on the internet.


The controversy stirred as he overreacted to the jump scare, quite frankly what he is known for. However it came at a cost as netizens complained it could have been prevented as IShowSpeed holds a young audience. Many including Adin Ross had reacted to the situation, as Speed got major criticism for his actions.

This all had occurred after IShowSpeed took a small break from streaming and YouTube after a major health issue. During his trip in Japan, Speed encountered a cluster headache which would leave him hospitalized for a week or more. After finally recovering, Speed returned to the streaming world, only to go trending again for the wrong reasons.

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IShowSpeed gets flashback to ‘IShowMeat’ incident as he plays horror game

IShowSpeed gets flashback on 'IShowMeat' situation
IShowSpeed gets flashback on ‘IShowMeat’ situation

The YouTube streamer went on stream to play yet another horror game. Quite amusing to be frank, after what happened the last time he played a horror game. However this time, as he was surprised with a jump scare, he jumps and screams. However he immediately reminds himself whilst yelling to himself what happened last time.

He says “What’s wrong with you, (*yells), Why would you do that Speed, (*yells). Don’t do that IShowSpeed. Why would you do that and ruin your whole career.” Whilst yelling and screaming throughout saying this, his face can be seen filled with horror.

As he breathes heavily, he seemed to put a pill or something in his mouth. This was quite sad as IShowSpeed had responded to the controversial incident saying users were oversharing it out of proportion, in an emotionally filled video. He did also previously mention contemplating suicide during his days in the hospital.

IShowSpeed had also recently hit 19 million subscribers when he was in the hospital. The streamer despite his controversy, did not face any bans from YouTube for his mishap. He continues to stream on YouTube and has not made any offers with other streaming platforms up to date.


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