“I will be deleting my Twitter because of this monster”: JiDion’s ratio challenge miserably fails due to MrBeast

“I will be deleting my Twitter because of this monster”: JiDion’s ratio challenge miserably fails due to MrBeast

JiDion-MrBeast have a fun time at Twitter

The popular YouTuber Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, despite being a hard working person when it comes to creating content, is also a fun loving person who is not afraid to take challenges. In one such challenge, the 24-year-old content creator was able to make JiDion, delete his Twitter account.


MrBeast and JiDion aren’t any unknown names on Twitter and YouTube. While the former has been a dedicated YouTube streamer from the dawn of his career, JiDion joined the red platform following a Twitch controversy with Pokimane.

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JiDion forced to delete Twitter after MrBeast joins his challenge

"I will be deleting my Twitter because of this monster": JiDion's ratio challenge miserably fails due to MrBeast
JiDion on his livestream

The two internet celebrities were seen challenging each other on Twitter, giving their fans an entertaining time. The challenge commenced when Jidon Adams, popularly known as JiDion among his fans announced that if anybody is able to ratio him, he will delete his Twitter.


For readers who are unaware about the term of ‘to ratio’ someone on Twitter, it occurs when the number of replies to any Twitter post outnumbers the number of likes made on the respective post. The tweet made at midnight yesterday received more than 125K likes, however, the challenge was soon taken up by none other than MrBeast.

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MrBeast replied to the tweet that if people like his tweet, he will provide $10,000 USD to them. Good enough, the reply almost became trending within minutes and at the time of writing, his tweet has achieved more than 500K likes. As announced by JiDion, he was compelled to delete his Twitter account as his challenge was won by the famous YouTuber.

While JiDion actually deleted his Twitter account showing it to his fans during the livestream hosted earlier today, fans were surprised to see the bold move being taken by the streamer. However, reality turned out to be different as he stated that he had only deleted his secondary Twitter account.

“I said I’d delete my Twitter. I didn’t say which one.”

On his night livestream, JiDion was clever enough to fool his viewers for a few minutes while he also joked that he will never see any video of MrBeast again and the cause of his tears is no one else but the prominent YouTuber. Fans were quite surprised to see how JiDion turned the tables at the end as his livestream got more than 100K views.

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