Kai Cenat calls popular rapper Ice Spice on livestream to get a role in her music video

Will fans see Kai in the next Ice Spice music video?

Kai Cenat calls popular rapper Ice Spice on livestream to get a role in her music video

Popular streamer Kai Cenat has viral clips surfacing on the internet now and then. The entertaining Twitch streamer is almost a household name at this point, as every teenager is quite familiar with his name. The Streamer of the Year 2023 of the Streamer Awards is no stranger to collaborating with big names.


This time it’s the “Boys a Liar, pt 2” singer, Ice Spice. He had previously brought her on stream IRL, so this wasn’t a new interaction for the Twitch streamer but rather a familiar one. In a recent live stream on Twitch, Kai called Ice Spice to get featured in her next music video.

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Kai Cenat and Ice Spice on Kai's stream
Image via Kai Cenat/YouTube

During his stream on July 25th, 2023, Kai was reacting to Ice Spice‘s latest music video. At that moment, he decided to hit up the hottest new Billboard artist in town. He begins by congratulating her on her new music video and tells her how he was just reacting to it before the phone call.


Kai then proceeds to get to his planned point. He confidently tells her, “I got a question though, you be havin WHOLE LOTTA A** in these videos,” to which he takes a deep breath, forms a large smile, and says “Is there a way, that I can be in one of the next music videos.”

Ice Spice responds by saying she had invited Kai to come on set for her recent music video, to which Kai asked when and Ice then said “Oh I didn’t?”. Kai then takes advantage of this vulnerable moment by securing his place in her next music video. The vivid reactions that Kai makes definitely were what fans came for and that’s what they got. Ice Spice agreed to let him on her next video, and fans can only imagine how that would turn out.

Fans react to Kai Cenat calling Ice Spice

Both Kai Cenat and Ice Spice fans have one thing in common: they are way too light-hearted. The number of trolls both fans hold is extremely remarkable. When both names appear under a video, you can best believe the comments and reactions will be undefeated. Here are some golden ones:

Kai Cenat and Ice Spice seem to have a friendly relationship. Kai’s presence in future Ice Spice releases is a sure possibility. Given the tsunami of eyes that Kai can bring, it would surely spike numbers for the Billboard music artist. The Bronx star would bring a touch of New York jam that he and his content creator group, AMP, are known for. Fans can also expect Kai to be on vocals with Ice Spice, as he’s been hitting it off in his music career, doing large numbers. A collab with 2 great rappers can make for a spectacle in the making.


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