“So many questions” – Kai Cenat celebrates winning the Streamer of the Year award in a very unique way leaving fans in splits

Kai Cenat's celebration of winning Streamer of the Year back-to-back will leave you in splits!

“So many questions” – Kai Cenat celebrates winning the Streamer of the Year award in a very unique way leaving fans in splits

Image via: The Streamer Awards

The third edition of the Streamer Awards recently took place at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, California. While the award ceremony featured over 30 categories this year, such as MMORPG Streamer of the Year, FPS Streamer of the Year, and Gamer of the Year, fans are always most excited to see who would win the grand Streamer of the Year award, taken home this year by Kai Cenat.

The Streamer Awards is an annual show that aims to recognize the achievements and awards in the live-streaming industry. The event was founded in 2022, by QTCinderella who also hosts the annual award ceremony. This year, she was also joined by a co-host in the form of the famous Twitch streamer Pokimane.

The Streamer Awards are decided using a weighted combination of votes. The popular vote by fans is given 70% weightage, whereas the panellists’ vote is given 30% weightage. Through this method, the Streamer awards decide the winners of each category, including Streamer of the Year. The nominees for Streamer of the Year 2024 were –

  • Kai Cenat
  • Jynxzi
  • IronMouse
  • Quackity
  • CaseOh_

Kai Cenat’s house is in chaos after he wins Streamer of the Year for the second time in a row

Kai Cenat had already won Streamer of the Year 2023 and won the prestigious awards twice in a row. While he did not attend the Streamer Awards in person, Kai Cenat had a very unique way of celebrating his victory at his house.

A clip from Kai Cenat’s stream shows pandemonium at his house. Kai Cenat hired multiple people with various talents to celebrate his victory.

Kai Cenat celebrates
Image via: YouTube/@kaicenat

A few marching band members could be seen playing their instruments in the background. They were playing a celebratory tune on their trumpets, saxophones and snare drums. Alongside them, a mime artist was dancing along to the music.

To the left of his room, there were also two hip-hop and break-dance artists showing off their moves while an man lies motionless on the other side of the room.


Kai Cenat stepped into the frame wearing a jersey and shorts with a baby goat following him. Kai Cenat sits on the floor and starts feeding the baby goat what appears to be milk. Another baby goat follows them and starts eating. Kai Cenat tries to solve the dispute between the two, who start fighting over the milk bottle.

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