“W security,” Kai Cenat ensures his 30-day subathon isn’t interrupted by swatting

Kai Cenat shows how streamers can thwart the swatting attempts made on them by some viewers.

“W security,” Kai Cenat ensures his 30-day subathon isn’t interrupted by swatting

Image Credits: Kai Cenat/ Twitch

If you’re renowned streamer on Twitch and YouTube, you can hardly escape from swatting. However, Twitch star Kai Cenat displayed enough strategy to foil a swatting attempt made on him during his 30-day subathon.


Moving to the second day of his subathon, Kai Cenat was alerted that he is about to get swatted. Surprisingly, fans witnessed no change in his behavior as he nonchalantly stated that he is going to get some food.

Things took a wild turn when a uniformed officer walked into the room and started checking around. Moments after he walked away, Kai Cenat came up to inform his viewers that the food was just an excuse as he just got ‘swatted’.

“W security,” Cenat hailed his security personnel who ensured there was no unnecessary interruption. He explained the situation, “There was no food yeah, I just got texted we’re getting swatted,” he added that the matter has been taken care of.


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Kai Cenat hails LAPD’s security

"W security," Kai Cenat ensures his 30-day subathon isn't interrupted by swatting
Kai Cenat subathon

A few days before his first Subathon, Kai Cenat moved to his new house in LA. Even after moving to a new place, the streamer was unable to escape from some of his ‘mindless’ viewers.

However, he didn’t let the situation interrupt his stream. He informed his viewers that the swatting attempt has been prevented, as he kept a calm and composed behavior. Later, he praised the quick action taken by Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

The streamer stated-

“Shout out to L.A.P.D. though,” he said. “Super cool. They didn’t do anything extra. Came in, came out, that’s it.”

Fans commended Kai Cenat for his effective way of foiling the swatting attempt. Just a couple of days ago, he was able to avoid a ban on his account as a ‘banned’ streamer appeared on his subathon.

Getting swatted during subathon is experienced by Ludwig as well when he used to stream on Twitch. While that incident left a huge impact on QTCinderella, Kai Cenat might become the inspiration for other streamers out there who are at the risk of getting swatted.

Only two days have passed since Cenat’s subathon on Twitch. However, he has already encountered some troublesome moments during the 30-day subathon.

In fact, his subathon plan was delayed for a few days as he faced a ban prior to that. The reason for this ban remains obscure, but fans are considering that ‘eating consumables’ is the most likely reason for getting suspended on the platform.


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