“What the f**k,” Kai Cenat loses it after seeing Kevin Gate’s Instagram story

Kai Cenat went bonkers when he viewed Kevin gate's Instagram story.

“What the f**k,” Kai Cenat loses it after seeing Kevin Gate’s Instagram story

Kai Cenat loses it after seeing Kevin Gate’s Instagram story

Earlier today May 8, 2023 streamer of the year award winner Kai Cenat was egged on by his Twitch chat to look at American rapper Kevin Jerome Gilyard aka Kevin Gate’s Instagram story. He shared rather explicit content in the story, where a woman could be seen giving birth. This certainly shocked Cenat and a whole host of others who saw it.

The post certainly created a ruckus in social media, it said “the most beautiful thing in the world. (folded hands emoji)(heart hands emoji) Apparently, the woman in the Instagram story is not even his wife. This begs the question of what prompted the singer to post such an intrusive video on social media.

Social media users even famous streamers were left awestruck by it as Kai Cenat demonstrated during his live stream.

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The community is not too happy with Kevin Gate’s antics

After the rapper posted his shared video on his Instagram story, it did not take long for people like Cenat to take notice. Safe to say that it did not go down well with a lot of people. Someone in Kai Cenat’s chat (14 minutes) asked him to watch Kevin Gates’s story to which he replied, “Kevin Gates? ‘(Watch) Kevin Gates’s story.’ F**k he posted? The f**k this n**** posted?

Well, Cenat after watching the video gave a shout-out to all the women in the world who give birth saying, “it is natural… ain’t that chat? that looks like it hurt though! Shoutout to the woman out there who gives birth… shout to the woman who gives life.”

However, this also stirred a huge raise within the community.

Apparently, even the famous rapper Kendrick Lamar had viewed the story as well

YouTube streamer JiDion too had a word of advice for everyone to avoid Kevin Gate’s Instagram story,” Whatever you do don’t look at Kevin Gate’s story today

How the netizens reacted

When Twitter got the whiff of the story from Kevin Gate’s Instagram it went into overdrive with various memes popping up left right and center

The original video first appeared on social media back on April 15, 2023. It celebrated Black maternal health week. At the time of writing, the video has been removed from Kevin Gate’s Instagram handle.

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