Kai Cenat released from police custody after ‘inciting’ huge Union Square riot in NYC during giveaway

Kai Cenat shuts down New York!

Kai Cenat released from police custody after ‘inciting’ huge Union Square riot in NYC during giveaway

Many times streamers and online celebrities find a way to give back to their fans through giveaways. However, when AMP member Kai Cenat decided to do an in-person giveaway, it did not go in his favor and took a complete twist. A huge number of fans flooded during this giveaway by Kai Cenat and this resulted in riots at Union Square, NYC.


Kai Cenat got arrested on August 4th during his recent giveaway in NYC. The massive crowd that arrived caused riots as police turned up. They arrested Kai Cenat including many fans and withstanders. Kai Cenat was in custody for a few hours and has now been officially released.

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Kai Cenat is out of police custody now after inciting riots in Union Square

Footage of Kai Cenat being released from jail early morning on 05/08/2023
Image via Drama Alert/Twitter

Kai Cenat had been promoting his “HUGE GIVEAWAY” on all his platforms. PlayStation 5 gaming console amongst many other gaming items was said to be given away. Although Kai had speculated a large audience to show up, he didn’t expect them to shut down New York City in its entirety.


An hour before the giveaway was set to take place, videos surfaced of packed crowds, disruptive behavior, and wild scenes occurring at the place. This prompted Kai Cenat to arrive with security. NYPD police even took to Twitter to warn the public to avoid Union Square Park (the place of the giveaway) due to ‘police presence’ and ‘traffic delays’. Kai was supposedly issued a desk appearance ticket Friday night and walked away from custody earlier than expected

Since the Twitch streamer did not have a permit to host the event, the police found it easy to take him in. He is said to be charged with multiple counts, according to NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey. It was estimated around 65 other people were arrested, 30 of them having been juveniles. A 17-year-old was even taken to the hospital. The boy sustained injuries from a firework tossed into the crowd of the riot.

The chaos was so bad that when police started clearing the streets, young people ran through the streets looking for trouble. They were seen taking food off of people who dined outside, even throwing plates at officers. Up to 300 people 2 hours before Kai did, and was said to have ‘exponentially increased’ as time went on. A thousand officers were called to regulate the wild scenario of the unrest that was taking place.

As soon as Kai arrived, many fans jumped on his car and as a result, got injured. Although no major injuries were reported, the place was filled with chaos. As a result NYPD went ahead and arrested Kai Cenat. Following the arrest, NYPD was able to calm the crowd and loosen the riot.


Kai Cenat was said to spend the night in lock up. However, Late Friday night on August 4th, Kai was released from police custody. After having spent a few hours in jail, the streamer would be seen in the dark of the night walking out of jail accompanied by security into his car.

A swarm of media and press were quick to report on the scene. One of the journalists asked, “Is there anything you wanna say to your followers?”. Another one asked, “Kai, Kai what happened to the PlayStation Kai, what happened”. As Kai ignored them and immediately left with his car, a journalist commented “Why are you running like a p*nk?”

What was supposed to be a delight for fans and the streamer, turned into a global news scene and the arrest of Kai Cenat. Luckily he has now been released and fans are sure he will follow through with his giveaway one way or another. Many streamers have been reacting to this incident. This is surely not how Kai Cenat wanted the giveaway to go.

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