Watch: Kai Cenat tries Pokimane’s Myna Cookies, says they are not worth $28

Kai Cenat tries Pokimane's Myna Snacks on streams but dislikes the taste and claims they aren't worth the price

Watch: Kai Cenat tries Pokimane’s Myna Cookies, says they are not worth $28

Image via: Instagram/@pokimanelol and @kaicenat

Pokimane has become one of the most popular female streamers on the internet today. Like many huge YouTubers and streamers, she has launched her own business as a cookie company named Myna Snacks. However, this venture hasn’t been smooth sailing for her, as she has been surrounded by controversy since its launch.


She has faced a lot of backlash for allegedly selling overpriced cookies. For context, a bundle of Myna Snacks costs $28 and contains four packets of cookies. This has sparked a debate on the internet about whether or not the cookies are worth the price. Pokimane’s reply to these comments has been less than graceful. Pokimane called people “broke boys” who were trying to claim that the cookies were too pricey.

Many YouTubers and streamers have joined the discussion, such as Nadia, who defended Pokimane. Other streamers, such as xQc, called the snack a burnt nugget and are openly against it. Another popular streamer, Kai Cenat, has joined this discussion as he recently tried Pokimane’s cookies on stream.

Kai Cenat gives an honest review of Pokimane Cookies Myna Snacks

Kai Cenat was recently sent a promotional package of Myna Snacks, similar to xQc. He said that he would taste the cookies live on stream and promised to give an honest review of the product. He went through all the accessories that came in the box. Additionally, he said that he loved the smell of the cookies and added that they smelled like fudge.

Kai Cenat tries Pokimane cookies
Image via: YouTube/@KaiCenat

Kai Cenat’s expression changed the moment he tasted the cookies. He added that while the chocolate tasted decent, the cookies were dehydrated. He said that people should eat the cookies with milk or a similar beverage to soften the cookies. Kai and his friend also added that the cookie would taste better if warmed up.

“On my life though, not worth $28, I will be honest with you bro, my honest opinion bro, not worth $28”. 

Kai Cenat

Kai and his friend tried many ways to make the cookie taste better but seemed dissatisfied with the product. Lastly, Kai claimed that while the cookies were decent, they were not worth the $28 price point at which they were sold. Kai Cenat has a friendly equation with Pokimane and was playing Fortnite just a few days ago, so Pokimane might let this one slide.

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