Kai Cents’ PS5 giveaway in New York turns brutal as massive street fight injuries multiple fans

The massive riot had caught attention from around the globe. 

Kai Cents’ PS5 giveaway in New York turns brutal as massive street fight injuries multiple fans

It’s been a month since we witnessed a riot that took over mainstream media. Moreover, it took over the streets of New York City and shut them down—all done in good will, however. Chaos was incited, and the streets were filled with violence. But exactly how much damage was done? Why was Kai Cenat arrested? Here is a throwback to the riot that arose from a good-hearted giveaway. 

Kai Cenat, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, hosted an in-person PlayStation 5 giveaway in Union Square Park, New York, on August 4th. However, the streamer of the year 2023 did not realize how much influence he held. The streets of New York, however, did. On that day, fans had taken over the streets and turned out to come in larger numbers than expected. 


This not only caused a discrepancy in the smoothness of the giveaway operation but also turned into something worse. For some reason, there seemed to be groups of people taking advantage of the traffic caused within the vicinity. With so many people around, they started causing chaos and disturbing citizens as the whole place seemed out of control. 

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Multiple street injuries were reported, causing Kai Cenat to be arrested

Even before the giveaway, the damage had already been done as the NYPD took to Twitter to warn the public to avoid Union Square Park due to ‘police presence’ and ‘traffic delays’. However, once the Twitch streamer had arrived, fans and citizens had gone out of control. They had reported a “couple thousand people” to have been at Union Square Park at 4 p.m. (the time of the giveaway).

The riot caused in New York city by Kai Cenat (via: NBC)
The riot caused in New York city (via: NBC)

Despite issuing the highest mobilization level possible with a call for more than one thousand officers to respond to the situation, damage had been done, and somebody had to pay for it. As a result, the NYPD went ahead and arrested Kai Cenat that day, along with many other fans and withstanders who caused trouble.

Kai Cenat, however, was issued a desk appearance ticket on the same day, and a couple hours after being arrested, he was released from jail. Many people had reported being hospitalized and injured by the event. However, no major injuries were reported. Still, the fact that Kai did not have a permit to host the event was more than enough for the NYPD to arrest him. However, since then, Kai has apologized and won back his fans through his entertaining streams

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