Kick streamer Adin Ross opens up about his mental health, vows to “change his life” to overcome depression

Adin Ross tells about his mental health issues

Kick streamer Adin Ross opens up about his mental health, vows to “change his life” to overcome depression

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Adin Ross is famously known for his out-of-the-line actions and controversial takes in the streaming community. The streamer rose to prominence through his gaming streams. He is also known to help out wherever he can. Just recently, Adin gifted $100,000 to Fousey when he was broke. Despite this, Adin is mainly remembered for his anomalous behaviour and controversies.


Many live-streamers and internet celebrities have spoken out and about and raised awareness about mental health issues. The aforementioned Fousey himself had to seek medical attention many times. Adin Ross has recently joined this roster as he recently spoke about issues he has been struggling with and how they have taken a toll on his mental health.

Recently, Adin’s friend Quatty passed away from a heart attack. This made Adin realize that health was all that mattered in life. Additionally, he advised his viewers that all the money in the world would not matter if they were unhealthy. He wanted everyone to start doing something healthy immediately, even if it was small.

The famous streamer recently had a mental breakdown. He took to YouTube to post a video explaining his thought process and telling his fans that he has been facing the issue for quite some time now.


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Adin Ross has a Mental Breakdown

Adin had been having mental health troubles for quite a while now. His friend’s death made him spiral into depression. He had been grieving his death quite heavily, considering he was one of his oldest friends. Adin said he was unhappy with his physical condition. He also felt terrible each day just waking up. Adin had also openly mentioned his drug abuse on a stream with Andrew Tate.

Adin Ross Mental Health
Image via: YouTube/@adinross

He claimed that he had realized his problem, and it was time for him to improve his life. He said,

“I weight 184 pounds and I just feel horrible every day and depressed and all these things and there’s just no way to live. I’m finally gonna get out of my head and not do toxic and poisonous and cancerous things. I’m finally gonna change my life today. Everyday you dont’ do something good for yourself, it’s just one day you send yourself back.”

Adin Ross

The Kick streamer also mentioned that improving his life is also what Quatty would’ve wanted him to do. He promised he would start the journey at that very moment. The reaction Adin faced by the internet community to this was very mixed. Many tried to keep him going and motivated him to continue. Some reacted saying that they simply did not care about the drama in a streamer’s life. Others also claimed that rich people couldn’t be depressed.


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