Kick streamer Adin Ross reveals he wants to sue former buddy Charleston White for threatening to r*pe his sister

Does Charleston White deserve it?

Kick streamer Adin Ross reveals he wants to sue former buddy Charleston White for threatening to r*pe his sister

Adin Ross and Charleston White, the duo that did not work out. Just when fans thought they had seen enough, Charleston White explained to his viewers how he would sue Adin Ross. Adin has responded that he will counter-sue him and has kept the heat of the situation flaming.


It all began with Charleston White’s appearance on Adin Ross as he dissed the Island Boys. From then on Charleston and Adin became close enough to the point where they hung out in Las Vegas. There all hell would break loose. During a lunch with IZIPrime and Adin Ross, Charleston disputes Prime and later on parted ways with Adin.

From then on, Charleston would dig his own grave as he took to Instagram Live to make anti-semitic comments. He even claimed to ‘r*pe Adin’s sister’, in response to his hatred towards Adin. The streaming community was quick to hold him responsible, as he later cried to his followers. He claimed he was ‘playing a character’ and ‘didn’t mean what he said’.

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Adin Ross claims he will ‘counter-sue’ Charleston White

Adin Ross reacting to Charleston White's interview
Adin Ross reacting to Charleston White’s interview

Following all the controversy, Charleston White took to his viewers in an interview titled ‘SURVIVING ADIN ROSS‘ to claim he was linking up with Adin Ross for a Kick deal. He said “I’m thinking I’m coming for a streaming deal. Only to have the police called on me.” Charleston claims he was expected to put on such a character, and when he did his part, Adin took it the wrong way.

Adin Ross reacted to his video and said “You had a full knife, and said you were going to r*pe my sister. I guarantee – no no no, matter of fact, please. Yo yo yo bro bro bro, please, I’m going to counter-sue you for leaking my number. You’re going to get counter-sued for leaking my number and threatening to r*pe my sister with a knife and a teaser”

Adin responded to Charleston, claiming he was “playing a character and didn’t threaten anybody”. He laughed and quoted Charleston White in his Instagram live when he threatened to r*pe his sister. Later on, Adin even claimed a similar case he heard of had been awarded $2 million for such a legal case.

Despite all these back-and-forths, things might not be reconciled between the two. Before claims of suing each other, Adin had made it clear that Charleston White would not be allowed an opportunity on Kick by banning him. On the contrary, the social activist, Charleston, seems to be on the defense as he is retracting his statements and claiming to have ‘played a character for a kick deal’.


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