“F*ckin hell,” Kick streamer IShowSpeed leaks KSI’s phone number again

IShowSpeed leaks KSI's number yet again.

“F*ckin hell,” Kick streamer IShowSpeed leaks KSI’s phone number again


Popular kick streamer and YouTuber iShowSpeed leaked fellow YouTuber and friend KSI’s phone number yet again while on live stream. Although the leak was a mistake, IShowSpeed has frantically apologized to the YouTuber-turned-boxer for the incident.

Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins is an American streamer and content creator who rose to fame due to his comic antics and eccentric reactions while playing games. The 18-year-old has quickly grown on the platform and made friends with some famous internet personalities like KSI, Kai Cenat, and Chunkz. In his recent blunder, he leaked KSI’s number on the internet by mistake. KSI is a huge content creator on YouTube and has a massive following; his number being leaked on the internet could only stir trouble for him.

During a recent live stream, IShowSpeed tried calling his friend KSI but was unsuccessful. He had KSI’s number saved and the phone number was not showing. However when he tried to call KSI the second time, instead of the saved contact name, KSI’s contact number was displayed. Although completely unintentional and due to some technical problems, KSI’s number was leaked to the Internet for his fans to scavenge.

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iShowSpeed apologizes after KSI’s phone number again

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IShowSpeed frantically apologized to KSI after leaking his phone number yet again. He had leaked KSI’s phone number in July 2022 and had apologized for it. The 18-year-old streamer had started apologizing to KSI while on a call with him. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I swear to god. I’m sorry. F*ckin hell,” he said. At first, KSI did not realize what Speed had done but hung up shortly after the situation cleared up. Speed is infamous for carelessly leaking many people’s phone numbers like Kai Cenat, Adin Ross, and Lil Uzi Vert.

KSI took to Twitter to voice his frustrations, posting two tweets that said “OMG SPED” and “FML.”. IShowSpeed, perhaps to lighten the mood, tried to ratio the YouTuber turned boxer in the recent tweet. To “ratio” someone on Twitter means a reply getting more likes than the original tweet. However, Speed fell short by a couple hundred likes.

Although KSI’s phone number being leaked was a serious matter, it gave fans and viewers a good laugh. It is unknown how long it will be before KSI receives a new number, but one thing is for sure: he can expect a thousand calls from fans wanting to contact him.

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