KSI slams Deji’s ex-girlfriend Dunjahh over “embarrassing” racial comments

Ksi made sure to make his brother ex knows his opinion on her recent comments.

Ksi talks to fans in relation to this match with Jake Paul
Ksi talks to fans in relation to this match with Jake Paul

After Dunjahh, his little bro’s ex-girlfriend made racist comments on a live broadcast that rapidly went viral, YouTube sensation KSI went after her. The now-ex-girlfriend of YouTuber Deji Olatunji went viral in late January when her comments during a live Twitch broadcast generated widespread outrage. These kinds of jokes were considered funny by society long back but right now it is far from funny due to the historical context behind them.

Dounja ‘Dunjahh‘ Akoudad was seen on the life conversing with several other broadcasters, one of whom, WesleyTW, accused her of having a “fat-a*s nose.” “Fat-a*s nose?” Akoudad said, making a racial comment toward Wesley. You’re a black person. You’re completely black. What exactly are you on about, fat-a*s nose?” before erupting in laughter

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KSI went off on Akoudad during a Reddit reaction video, slamming her for her statements

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KSI slams Deji’s ex-girlfriend Dunjahh over “embarrassing” racial comments 2

The video rapidly went viral, prompting a backlash against Akoudad for her remarks. Deji later released a video explaining the situation, stating that he and Akoudad had broken up well over a month before her incendiary statements sparked outrage on social media. Several days later, Deji’s older brother, YouTube sensation KSI, chimed in on the subject, and it’s safe to say he was not pleased with the event. KSI slams Deji’s ex-girlfriend for making racial remarks.

“Look at the way she’s smiling like she did something,” KSI began. “Don’t even get me started. Out of order bro, she’s out of order.”

His perspective on the problem, on the other hand, quickly got more passionate. He screamed, “Bro, she’s laughing like she did something!” “What are your credentials?” What’s your name? If you weren’t dating my brother, no one would know about you! I’m not sure how you could say that. “What makes you think that’s an insult?”

Akoudad has issued a statement, alleging that she

“made a terrible stereotypical remark that came off as highly racist.” “I never meant to be racist,” she continued, “but it doesn’t mean that certain things can’t come off as racist.”

Deji, for one, has stated that he is finished discussing the subject and is now concentrating only on his forthcoming boxing battle against Alex Wassabi.

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