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Last 1 day to register for Skyesports Champions Series! Get your teams ready quick!

Skyesports Champions Series 2022

Skyesports in collaboration is bringing the Skyesports Champions Series where the teams participating will get a chance to participate in the APAC VCT Challengers Stage 2 Qualifiers whose winners will get a chance to represent the region at Masters Berlin.


The event was announced while the Skyesports Souvenir 2022 Mumbai was going on and teams are more excited than ever for the challenge that the other teams will pose to them.

Skyesports Champions Series to begin soon! Register now!

Riot Games in association with Skyesports is all set to host the Skyesports Champion Series whose winners will get the opportunity to participate in the APAC VCT Challengers Stage 2 Qualifiers.


If you have a squad and have not yet registered, what are you even waiting for? Register for the event quick because only one day remains for it!

How to register for the Skyesports Champions Series?

Registering for the event is easy. Just follow the steps below and you will be good to go!

Step 1. Head on over to their official website scs.skyesports.in .

A Screenshot from the official SCS website

Step 2. Choose the appropriate region. There are two choices, Either India or the rest of South Asia. There are two open qualifiers in the SCS for India and the Rest of South Asia, respectively. The Rest of South Asia includes the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Bangladesh.

Note : If you are registering for a region, at least three members of your team should be valid residents of the region you are registering for.

Step 3. After selecting your eligible region, a new screen will appear directing you to enter details about your team. Here, you will be required to enter your team name, email, logo, country, player name, contact, WhatsApp number, Riot ID, Discord ID, last Act’s rank, photo, and a valid ID proof.

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Step 4. Once you’ve added your first player, you will be allowed to add more. You are allowed to add up to 7 players. 5 Main players from the roster and 2 Substitutes. Also note that you won’t be able to change any players once the tournament begins.

Step 5. Once you have added up to 5 players, your team will be successfully registered for the Skyesports Champions Series.

VCT South Asian Stage 2 Challengers 2022

The qualifiers for both these regions will begin from the 9th of May so you better get warmed up and be ready with your team. The winners for both these regions’ qualifiers will participate in the Group Stage League (GSL), where they will face eight invited teams from the South Asia Qualifiers Stage 1.

Once the GSL, scheduled to take place from 19th to 24th May 2022, is over, the top 6 qualified teams will go head to head against each other in the playoffs of the Skyesports Champions Series which is set to be a grand LAN event in the city of Chennai from 31st May to the 5th of June.

Skyesports has said they will be revealing more details about the event soon so buckle up tight because we are about to enter the next level of Indian eSports.

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