Leaked audio recording of Take-Two’s CEO suggests the release date for GTA 6 in October 2024

GTA 6 has been all the buzz in the gaming community right now.

Leaked audio recording of Take-Two’s CEO suggests the release date for GTA 6 in October 2024

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The Grand Theft Auto series fundamentally changed open-world video games. Rockstar Games is now working on GTA V’s sequel as a result of its enormous popularity. The name of the upcoming game in the series will be GTA 6. Rockstar Games will preserve nearly all of what players can do in GTA 5 & GTA Online while adding significantly more in GTA 6. Furthermore, a recent leaked audio recording of Take-Two’s CEO may have revealed the announcement and release date for GTA 6.


According to Rockstar Games and Take-Two, GTA 6 will have several realistic mechanisms. Dynamic weather, a day/night cycle, and other elements of similar nature are some of these rumored mechanisms. Additionally, elements like the dynamic hair growth system and others would be in play. This has made GTA 6 one of the most sought-after games that the whole gaming community has been eagerly waiting for.

Moreover, with months on end without a tentative date, fans have been losing their patience. However, a leaked audio recording from Take-Two’s CEO has hinted at Rockstar Games‘ GTA 6 potential announcement and release date!

GTA 6 announcement and release date leaked

Online rumor mills are buzzing with a fresh, pretty popular voice note claiming a GTA 6 announcement might occur on October 23. The period described in this audio sample, which GTA 6 Spam, a popular leaker, posted on their Official Twitter handle, is 2023. And the release date for GTA 6, as per the recording, is said to be 24 October 2024. Furthermore, the record was soon removed due to a copyright claim strike. Twitter usually flags potential false information with a tag, but in this case, the owner copyright-claimed the clip.

Leaked audio recording of Take-Two's CEO suggests the release date for GTA 6 in October 2024
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This has led gamers all around to believe that the clip may have been true. Although the audio record might not be entirely the truth, every instance leads fans to believe it. In the clip, the current Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick, said:

The plans for the next Grand Theft Auto game are set, and we expect Rockstar Games to be one of our labels that are expected to launch a new title in Fiscal 2025, which would, um, of course, be the next Grand Theft Auto that is set to be launched in Fiscal 2025. Um, uh, October 24, to be precise, actually. And, um, an announcement is expected to be coming from Rockstar's side very soon, this coming October 23, actually, and we do expect out of the many titles launching within Fiscal 2025, we expect a high percentage of that $8 billion in net bookings to come from the next Grand Theft Auto. So, hopefully, everything goes as planned, and the strategy for VI goes the way we expect it to. And, yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say on my behalf.
Strauss Zelnick said

This clip can very well be fake, considering all the AI voice-generation tools that are out there. So, fans should take all this information with a pinch of salt. As per the clip, the date for GTA 6 announcement is 23 October this year, and the release date is set to be 24 October 2024. Hence, fans would know how credible the audio clip was when the date dawns upon all soon.

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