Leaker claims that the new BioShock game getting delayed is due to it being in “development hell”

We still have to wait a bit more for the next Bioshock game to be released.

Leaker claims that the new BioShock game getting delayed is due to it being in “development hell”


It has been 10 years since Bioshock Infinite came out, and fans of the franchise have been speculating when they will get to play the next game, and now a popular leaker claims that Bioshock 4 is apparently in “development hell.” Apparently, the game was supposed to get rebooted, but it seems we have to wait a bit longer.

Some games become memorable because they leave a great impression, be it through the immersive gameplay experience or the storyline. Bioshock is one such game that fans always turn to. However, consistently delivering a great game with all the best elements you can is a tricky challenge.


It seems that is the case with Bioshock and its developers, Irrational Games, who can’t quite seem to get out of the never-ending loop of not being able to put together a game that’s worth releasing. Moreover, the pandemic has also caused a lot of delays in the making of the game.

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Leaker says “poor management” is causing the delay of the next Bioshock game

Leaker claims that the new BioShock game getting delayed is due to it being in “development hell”

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Popular leaker @OopsLeakes on Twitter shed some light on why the next Bioshock game is getting delayed. According to him, even though there was a change in the leadership of the project and it was rebooted for the fourth time, the new Bioshock game has remained in limbo.

Even though the studio has a “significant number of employees,” they are “without any visible experience.” Moreover, the narrative team is “unable to write a script worthy of a renowned game.” This is certainly sad news for fans of the franchise. However, if you look at it from a different angle, the developers want to bring out a game that’s worthy of being compared to its predecessors.

Ultimately, the leaker blames “poor management” and “questionable staff decisions” for stopping the game’s development. This definitely creates confusion among fans as to when the game will see the light of day.


He mentioned that we have to wait a bit longer for concrete news about the release of the new Bioshock game. However, according to him, it won’t be hitting PC anytime soon, certainly not this year. He believes that the game might get a proper reveal in 2025.

The news has disappointed the fans of the franchise

Considered one of the best games of the 2000s, Bioshock 1 impressed the gaming community with its in-depth characterizations and out-of-the-box gameplay. Many still vouch to this day that they had the time of their lives playing the game. Even the next two games, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite received good criticism.

Unsurprisingly, this announcement of the sorry state of the Bioshock game’s development has left fans disappointed and worried.


Several fans believe that without the former developing head Ken Levine at the helm this was bound to happen.

Well, if the leaker is to be believed, then fans have to wait to get a glimpse of their favorite game.

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