Logan Paul reveals why he doesn’t like Pokemon outside of Red and Blue

Logan Paul reveals why he doesn’t like Pokemon outside of Red and Blue

Logan Paul flaunts the world's most expensive Pokecard.

The influencer cum boxer recently made an appearance on Andrew Schulz’s podcast, FLAGRANT where he opened up about multiple topics such as his love for Pokemon and his fight with Floyd Mayweather.


During the podcast, Logan revealed to Schulz that he never liked any other pokemon games apart from the original Red and Blue on the Gameboy Colour while extending to Pokemon Yellow at max.

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Logan Paul doesn’t like any other Pokemon Games apart from the originals

Logan Paul is one of the original YouTubers who shifted on from the short video platform, Vine, where he gained fame, to YouTube where he still posts regularly.


Logan has also expanded to different fields apart from creating video content. He has made himself known as a Pokemon fan as he owns two of the most expensive cards to date. A PSA 10 First Edition Charizard, and a PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator card from the original pack.

Logan Paul teamed up with the Miz to defeat the Mysterios in a classic match at WrestleMania 38
Logan Paul with the card around his neck at WrestleMania

He even went so far as to actually wear his Charizard around his neck to his WWE Wrestlemania debut and boy was everyone hyped about it!

Recently however, during his appearance on Andrew Schulz’s podcast, Logan Paul revealed that he wasn’t really that big a fan of the Pokemon series apart from the original Red and Blue series and the occasional Yellow with Pikachu as the mascot.

pokemon red and blue
Pokemon Red and Blue

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“The [first gen] are the ones I always go back to…Every three years I’ll buy a GameBoy Color and I’ll buy Pokemon Red and Pokemon Yellow sometimes when Pikachu follows you around.” Paul answered when asked what his favourite game was.

Continuing his train of thought, he said, “Anything that goes outside of 151 bro, it’s too big. But it almost doesn’t matter, because the youth now, they give a f**k about Pokemon!”

What he said might actually spark some controversy in the Pokemon community but what it comes down to in the end is that the early years of Pokemon clearly have a special place in Logan’s heart.

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