Logan Paul shows “Vulnerable” text message Jake Paul sent him about his recent actions.

Logan Paul leaks a private message between him and Jake Paul.

Logan and Jake Paul
Britt Baker recently called out Logan and Jake Paul for a match for the Charizard Pokemon Card

For better or worse, Logan Paul and Jake Paul are the most recognizable brothers on the internet. While Jake isn’t scared to have public fights with others, he did put himself in a vulnerable position by sending this somewhat out-of-character message towards his older brother.

Jake Paul Eddie Hearn face off
Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn face off

While Logan has become more relaxed as he has gotten older, Jake never has shied away from a fight. He’s constantly at odds with people like Conor McGregor & Dana White, and he’s not afraid to bash anyone. Logan rarely lets his mind at ease online or in public, so it came as a shock when he shared the text Jake had already sent him during an Impaulsive podcast episode.

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What emotional message did Jake Paul text Logan Paul?

Logan Paul reveals Antonio Brown wanted to box him for $25 million
Logan Paul reveals Antonio Brown wanted to box him for $25 million

 Logan Paul stated in the podcast

“Jake sent me a text the other day, I don’t know if he wants me sharing this, but I don’t care, because I think it’s awesome.”

“ Yo yoo, I want to know how you view me. What you think my strengths are and what my hurtful actions are. I want you to be brutally honest. I’m asking a couple of the most trusted people around me. No rush, you can take your time with it.”

Many people would be surprised to learn that Jake typed this comment, based on everything he posts about himself online, and even Logan looks surprised. “There’s more to this narrative,” Mike observed, while George praised Jake for “growing into himself.”

Logan didn’t read his response aloud, despite the fact that he stated it was “very long,” but he did say he would ask his buddies the same question and called his younger brother a “sick f**k.” But it’s unlikely that we’ll see this “vulnerable” side to Jake Paul in public.

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