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Ludwig announces new venture Offbrand, hints at retirement from streaming

Ludwig Ahgren, along with his friends has launched a creative agency named Offbrand that will help other streamers in content creation.

Ludwig and co-founders of Offbrand

YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren has been dropping some major announcements lately. After announcing the Mogul Chessboxing Championship, the streamer revealed his new venture ‘Offbrand’, a creative agency that is going to be focused on content creation.


The 27-year old streamer has been a part of streaming and content creation industry for a long time, allowing him to have a significant amount of experience in this field. Having hosted some record-breaking shows on streaming platforms, his career is now going to take a slightly different turn.

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Ludwig becomes the co-founder of creative agency ‘Offbrand’

Ludwig’s new venture!

Twitch and YouTube streamers are getting involved in a lot of controversies lately with the platforms being the central point of all the chaos. However, prominent internet personalities such as Ludwig Ahgren seem to be engaged in hosting shows, an aspect in which he has proved to be a ‘pro’ during the recent years.

A couple of days after announcing a real chessboxing match with well-known creators such as Myth, the streamer has announced the launch of ‘Offbrand’, where he holds the position of a co-founder along with Nathon Stanz, Brandon Ewing and Nick Allen.

Ludwig took to Twitter to make the major announcement while stating that he knows that he would have to quit streaming at a certain point of his life. However, this won’t stop him from being ‘involved behind the camera’ which he certainly enjoys doing.

According to him, Offbrand will help streamers make amazing content as it has been created by ‘actual’ creators who have the content and relationship knowhow, one of the important aspects of streaming industry. Talking about his venture to The Washington Post, the streamer stated-

“I’ve always accepted the fact that there will be a point where my career ends, When I’m 45 years old, certainly I will be [too] out of touch to have that on Twitch or YouTube.”

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He further added-

“… Rather than fear that and try to maintain success for as long as possible, I love the idea of helping other creators make things that I think are cool.”

The inauguration of Offbrand’s content creation will commence with Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel who will be hosting a show named ‘Juiced’ inspired from Nickelodeon. Viewers will be able to watch the show on September 30 which will be created with the help of Offbrand.

This is one of the few big projects that Offbrand will be taking up as content creation remains their sole priority. Having a popular creator like Ludwig on board who has previously hosted shows and comes up with amazing content ideas with ‘Mogul Mail’, it goes without saying that the agency will prove to be a huge success.

Fans react to Ludwig’s announcement

As an obvious fact, fans of the streamer were extremely elated to see the streamer growing in his career as they were grateful to be a part of his journey. Popular personalities such as HasanAbi, Eric Pointcrow expressed their astonishment-

A wave of appreciations poured in for the streamer after the announcement was made on Twitter. Fans are eager to see what product Offbrand offers to its audience.

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