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Ludwig challenge himself to sit on the glue chair until he beats Malenia

Ludwig defeats Malenia from Elden Ring while gluing himself with his gaming chair, know more bout the whole story

Ludwig challenge himself to sit on the glue chair until he beats Malenia

Youtube gaming content creator Ludwig challenged himself on stream that he sit on the glue chair until he beats the Malenia in Elden Ring. The streamer is known for his amazing creation of content and his challenges.

While playing the Elden Ring he challenged himself and glued himself to the gaming chair until he beats Malenia, Blade of Miquela. It’s not the first time he challenged himself, he challenged himself to end Elden Ring in one stream straight, which took him 500 deaths and 100 hours of in-game to end the game.

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Ludwig Challenged himself to beat the hardest boss in Elden Ring

Ludwig playing Elden Ring

The youtube star glued himself to his gaming chair and challenged himself to beat the hardest boss in the Elden Ring, after this decision he regrets this plan and said: “This is a f***ing mistake man“.

After reaching the Malenia, Blade of Miquella, he gets killed for the first time and Ludwig responds to his chat by saying “Okay, she heals off of the summons.”. He then heats by the waterfowl dance move which kills the opponent in one shot if he does not dodge it. “Oh, it’s done. Right, right, right, right. Right, right, that’s the move. Yeah, yeah, okay,” he said.

Furthermore, after getting killed by the boss 24 times he reached to second -phase the Malenia transform into the Goddess of Rot, then the streamer was once again killed by her and stated:

“Honestly, I feel like I killed her. I feel like if I had not summoned them but done the amount of damage that I did, I killed her. Hot take but, you know? If you do that math… I have to p**. This is such a nightmare. Let’s just give it another whirl and see how it goes.” he continued “The way I play it is like; is me and my gang roll up and we spam L2. It’s an absolute bloodbath and then the moment she does anything, I panic and press the B button as many times as I can consecutively and I end up dodging none of the attacks because they’re all meant to stagger you and you’re not supposed to panic dodge and then I die and restart.”.

After so much struggle and effort he finally defeats the boss which took 53 deaths to beat him and celebrated the victory by saying “Yes” is did it. Then he realized that needs to unglue himself from the chair in which his clothes got stuck.

Most of his fans liked the challenges and enjoyed their stay at the end they laughed very hard on stuck on the chair, however, Ludwig has many ways to entertain his audience with creative content and challenges.

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