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Ludwig defends EEvisu after cheating scandal in OTK’s $50K Schooled

Ludwig in his most recent video talks about the EEvisu cheating scandal and how it might affect EEvisu's life in the future

Ludwig defends Eevisu

YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren, sympathized with EEvisu after he was caught cheating in OTK’s Quiz Show, Schooled.

Ludwig went on to explain the reasons why he was being sympathetic towards EEvisu by saying that EEvisu is a “very funny” and “very sharp dude” who will now only be remembered as the cheater from Schooled by thousands.

Ludwig defends EEvisu in his latest video on YouTube

Similar to Ludwig’s old twitch show, “Mogul Money”, Mizkif partnered with a few sponsors to host his very own quiz show under the OTK banner labeled “Schooled”.

However, Mizkif’s version of the show has seen way more cheating scandals and accusations than Ludwig’s ever did, and that in itself is somewhat of a de-motivator for Mizkif who has now canceled the show for the same.

Ludwig defends EEvisu after cheating scandal in OTK's $50K Schooled 3

In a recent Mogul Mail video that went up on YouTube, he talked about how disheartening it was that EEvisu will now only be remembered as the cheater from “Schooled” by thousands and potentially millions of people throughout the world. He also mentioned that EEvisu was “too funny” and “too talented” to have such a thing happen to him.

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Ludwig’s Conclusion

At the end of his video, Ludwig delivered a direct message to EEvisu and compared his situation to Alinity’s Cat Scandal.

“This is so bad because you’re too funny. You’re too sharp… you’re too talented for this to be what people know you as. This is what 100,000 people are going to know you as. As the cheater from Schooled. It’s how it works on the internet.”

Ludwig defends EEvisu after cheating scandal in OTK's $50K Schooled 4

“The pocket that you live in — they don’t care… but your talents reach beyond that in my mind. It’s a bummer that hundreds of thousands of people will never give you an opportunity because you’ll always be just a cheater.” Ludwig said

EEvisu later on had apologised publicly on Twitter and the $50,000 cash prize was passed on to ExtraEmily who was in second place initially.

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