“Every time they come, I get a little more annoyed”: Ludwig expresses his frustration over being swatted AGAIN

“Every time they come, I get a little more annoyed”: Ludwig expresses his frustration over being swatted AGAIN

Ludwig explains the situation after being swatted again

Ludwig Ahgren, the popular Twitch-turned YouTube streamer recently organized an online Chess tournament with other notable streamers such as Sykkuno, Disguised Toast and others. The stream, however, did not go as fans expected as the YouTube personality got swatted on livestream causing an abrupt end to the stream.


Twitch viewers might be familiar with the term ‘swatting’ as it has become a viral trend in the community. The term swatting actually refers to a situation when a person plays a prank by calling police officers to a person’s residence describing a life-threating situation. Prominent Twitch streamers have been caught off guard due to this and the latest one is Ludwig.

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Ludwig bashes out at LA police after gets swatted on livestream

"Every time they come, I get a little more annoyed": Ludwig expresses his frustration over being swatted AGAIN
Ludwig Ahgren

The ‘Dumb Chess’ tournament that took place on August 28th saw the streamer enjoying the strategical game with other content creators but things took a different turn when the host i.e. Ludwig went upstairs to have some water and armed policemen started coming in from his front door.


While the stream posted on Twitter has been taken down, a short clip showing the policemen entering his residence is spreading like wildfire on YouTube. Fans got extremely worried and started alarming the streamer on the chat section but thankfully no one was harmed during the incident, as explained by the streamer himself on a follow-up livestream.

"I was met with the gun of a police officer which was weird because my front door was not meant to be open for police officers and so I spent about an hour away in a police car as they went through my house."

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He further explained that the policemen swept in his entire house while he was away in the police car but even though the incident felt scary initially, Ludwig seemed to be quite calm and composed. Explaining his mental state, he revealed-

"As you can see, I am not too shaken up. Maybe a little bit of adrenaline, I am pretty fine, the initial part is kind of scary but then its quickly overwhelmed with an annoying feeling. I am just annoyed."

Ludwig reminded his viewers that this is not the first time that he got swatted on livestream and this time he is more annoyed rather than feeling distraught over the incident. He also described the ineptitude of the LA police as the swatting experience, even though does not feel scary anymore, but it does cause some annoyance.


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