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Ludwig gave credit to his cat Croots for recent Youtube growth

Ludwig finds the right algorithm for Youtube and he thanked his cat Coot for finding the algorithm.

Ludwig gave credit to his cat Croots for recent Youtube growth

Star streamer Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren is a gaming content creator on Youtube, he plays a different varity of games, reacts to videos, and talks to his viewers. The streamer made a statement recently that he was struggling to understand the Youtube algorithm but that all changed.

Many of the streamers on Youtube also tried to understand the algorithm of Youtube to be successful in streaming, and Ludwig is one of them. But never the less it seems the 26-year-old streamer finds out the right formula to get growth on the channel, and he thanks his cat Coot.

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Ludwig thanks his Cat for bringing growth to his channel

Ludwig Cat Coot

The streamer after shifting from Twitch to Youtube, for the past four years is struggling to master the algorithm of Youtube, it’s not just Ludwig who wants to grow more and more his channel, there are more Youtubers out there who are struggling with the art of Youtube.

So recently, the ex-Twitch streamer made a statement on Twitter that he find the right algorithm for Youtube and he thanks his cat Coot for finding the algorithm, it all happened when he decided to bring it more often to his content and after this, his channel states get bombed.

It’s not just the Youtube story many of the Twitch streamers are helped by their pets especially the dogs/cats to get viewers. It’s a human tendency to attract toward the cute and adorable things, which automatically attracts many viewers to watch the streams because of the cats or any other presence of the pet.

However, on June 14 streamer tweeted: “For the past four years I’ve been trying to master the art of YouTube and struggling every step of the way. Then I got this cat and I’m averaging 1,000,000 views a video.” and he even called him the real king.

The streamer’s girlfriend QTCinderella bought the little Coot in May 2022, and they also asked the viewers what they should name the little cat, and there are tons of names suggested by the fans to them.

Furthermore, Ludwig made several videos featuring his cat Coot and he made sure that he appear in all of his videos. The streamer even also titled one of his videos ‘My kitten is in this video.’

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