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Ludwig gets a new cat, lets his viewers decide it’s name and instantly regrets it

Ludwig recently got a new cat and let his viewers decide on the name of it. Read further to see how he regretted it!

YouTube Gaming Live sensation, Ludwig Ahgren, more popularly known by just his first name, recently announced the addition of a cat to his family.

He had initially announced the arrival of his furry friend on twitter where many prominent content creators suggested names for his feline friend.

Ludwig gets a new cat!

The ex-twitch streamer who popularised the subathon format on the amazon owned streaming platform, took to twitter to reveal to the world that he had added another member to his family.

The newest member was none other than a cute kitten who displayed white fur and a face of pure innocence and there was only one thing left for everyone to do, name it.

When Ludwig went on stream next, he introduced his subscribers to his feline friend and asked them for a name. When he couldn’t decide on one, he decided on taking a unique approach to the process.

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After watching the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, he decided in order to name his cat, he was going to play a game of ‘Marbles’- A game where you can name each marble that would be racing against the others.

Ludwig with his new cat on stream

Ahgren decided that whatever the name of the marble that wins would be, he would name his cat that. He went ahead and named about 40 marbles. A few of the funny names included Morbius, Fiddlesticks, Ludwig III, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, and General Grievous.

Initially, the name Fiddlesticks led the pack but was eliminated after it hit one of the obstacles on the course and another name came up which the YouTuber streamer was delighted to see. It was none other than Ludwig III.

The happiness was short-lived however as in the end, it was the name Cracker that won after which he shouted the name out loud and laughed away. He went on to say that he couldn’t believe that with Ludwig III being in the bag, Cracker was the name that won.

Ludwig’s reaction after the name Cracker won the race last second

Finally, after much deliberation though, Ahgren decided to name his cat “Marbles” after the game which he was playing top determine the name in the first place which overall seems like a good full circle.

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