“F**k! F**k! I’m not playing it,” Ludwig rage quits Pokemon during livestream

The YouTuber was playing a modded version of Pokemon.

“F**k! F**k! I’m not playing it,” Ludwig rage quits Pokemon during livestream

Popular YouTube gamer Ludwig Ahgren has become the talk of the town after he quit playing a modded version of Pokemon during a live stream on April 23, 2023. The incident has sparked a heated debate among his fans and critics, with many expressing their disappointment and frustration at the streamer’s behavior.

Ludwig’s rage-induced outburst occurred when he faced off against Trainer Sykkuno, who had five high-level pocket monsters. After a series of intense battles, Ludwig lost his cool when his level 47 Pokemon’s attack was missed and was taken out by the opposing level 45 Gardevoir. “F**k! F**k! I’m not playing it. I am not playing it anymore! I’m done! I am not playing it. I’m done with the game. I’m not going to play the anymore!”


The streamer’s frustration boiled over, and he smashed his controller while going on a long rant about his hatred for the game.

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Ludwig ends stream after rage-quitting Pokemon

Credits: Ludwig

During his rant, Ludwig expressed his dissatisfaction with the modded version of Pokemon. “I’m not playing the game anymore. There’s a 0% chance of playing this game, ever again in my f**king life. I f**king hate this game!” He stated that there was no chance of him playing it again. “This is just a piece of s**t game that f**king; the game looks ugly as s**t. All the songs f**king suck! I f**king hate this game! I’m not touching this god d*mn game!” He criticized the game’s lack of originality and creativity, remarking that there weren’t enough Pokemon in it. He also criticized the game’s visuals and music, describing it as a “piece of s**t game.”


The incident has divided Ludwig’s fans and followers. Some defended his right to express his frustration. Meanwhile, others criticize his behavior as immature and disrespectful. Despite the controversy, Ludwig remains one of the most popular and successful gamers on YouTube. He has a loyal following of fans who enjoy his content. The incident has sparked heated debate, it is unlikely to have a significant impact on his career in the long term.

The incident serves as a reminder of the intense pressure that content creators can face when broadcasting live to thousands of viewers. It is essential for streamers to manage their emotions and maintain a level of professionalism when interacting with their audience, even when faced with frustrating situations.

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