“He’s very disingenuous about his effort to get unbanned”: Ludwig reacts on JiDion accusing Twitch of favoritism

“He’s very disingenuous about his effort to get unbanned”: Ludwig reacts on JiDion accusing Twitch of favoritism

Ludwig reacts on JiDion calling out Twitch being se*ist

JiDon Adams, popularly known as ‘JiDion’ on the internet recently posted a YouTube video where he called out the Amazon-owned platform for being racist and practicing favoritism. The video was followed up by several reactions from streamers like Ludwig, who in his latest ‘Mogul Mail’ explained why Twitch is falling apart.


Ludwig Ahgren, despite being once called the ‘Golden Boy’ of Twitch is a harsh critic of the streaming platform as lately his Mogul Mail videos discusses why it might soon be the end for Twitch as YouTube gears up to become the one and only streaming giant.

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Ludwig gives his honest opinion on JiDion’s ‘Twitch is se*ist claim’

"He's very disingenuous about his effort to get unbanned": Ludwig reacts on JiDion accusing Twitch of favoritism
Ludwig Ahgren

Ludwig, is however, not the only personality to criticize the platform as we have frequently seen professional gamer ‘Dr DisRespect’ mocking Twitch due to their absurd policies. Now, prominent YouTuber JiDion has joined the list of streamers to explain the drawbacks of Twitch.


JiDion’s message for Twitch

In his YouTube video titled ‘Twitch: Se*ist and Favoritism’, JiDion boldly claims that he is ready to taint his main channel at the cost of sending this message to every viewer on Twitch and YouTube. The message is apparently his dissatisfaction over Twitch banning a female streamer for having s*x on stream, only for 7 days whereas he faced a permanent ban for over 8 months now.

JiDion was banned 8 months ago on Twitch after his viewers had spammed “L+ Ratio” on the chat section of Pokimane when she was streaming Valorant along with Valkyrae. While the initial ban was for 14 days, it later turned out to be a permanent ban even though both of the streamers made it up by meeting personally.

Citing various examples of Twitch being lenient with female streamers, JiDion went on to describe Twitch’s favoritism whereas he hasn’t been unbanned for an issue which has been sorted for several months. The YouTuber even provided facts to show the ‘racist’ behavior of Twitch. The video has got over 2 million views prompting streamers like Ludwig to add their opinion.

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Ludwig’s opinion

Sure enough, Ludwig brought his opinion through Mogul Mail titled ‘Twitch is falling apart’. Agreeing upon the fact that the ban imposed upon the streamer who was having s*x on stream was quite short, the YouTuber also explained that JiDion might not be adopting the correct method to get unbanned.

“I think JiDion is arguing in bad faith. It feels like he is simultaneously trying to have his cake and eat it too, where he is saying: ‘Twitch is being unfair, please unban me,’ which I totally get. But then also skirting around and trying to go to TwitchCon EU and cause a bit of ruckus.”

He further added-

“I feel like if you are genuinely trying to get unbanned, you try to do the most to prove that you have changed. But I think what he does is try to clown on Twitch, make full content of Twitch, never really apologize for anything and then also take the righteous high ground point of Twitch is se*ist."

Nevertheless, Ludwig also stated that he agrees that the Amazon-owned platform is quite inconsistent with bans and their policies are vague but JiDion needs to change his ways to get unbanned. As for the racist allegation, the streamer stated that it is certainly a big issue and content creators of different race are not getting the recognition they deserve on Twitch.

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