Ludwig says he wouldn’t advocate gambling even if he was offered $1 billion amid xQc drama

Ludwig in his latest stream opened up about what he thought about the xQc gambling Sponsorship fiasco. Read more!

Ludwig on disguised toast
Ludwig talked about Disguised Toast on his stream

Ludwig Ahgren, the popular YouTube Gaming streamer in a recent stream gave his take on the xQc drama that has been going on for the past few days.

Ahgren gave his take by saying that he would never take a gambling sponsorship even if he was offered an absurd amount of money.

Ludwig reveals his take on xQc’s recent controversy

Ludwig Ahgren, who recently made the move to YouTube Gaming, has made his viewpoint on the xQc controversy known and has voiced his opinions very strongly against what xQc is doing.

xQc explodes over fans claiming he is wasting their money on the arcade game

xQc had recently revealed that he will be continuing with his sponsored gambling streams on his twitch channel almost an exact year after apologising for doing the same thing.

xQc has been receiving backlash from the streaming community all around for promoting such companies and only a few streamers are trying to show the people that in the end, it is xQc’s own channel and he can stream what he wants to as long as he is enjoying it which has been Felix’s philosophy in the first place itself.

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Mizkif cancels his Quiz Show
Mizkif backs xQc over gambling fiasco

Ludwig came on to say, “I deadass don’t have a price” after hearing what Mizkif had to say about streamers and gambling sponsors. For context, what Mizkif essentially said was that everyone has a price, and it’s only a matter of how high.

Ludwig voices his opinions on xQc Gambling sponsorships

Ludwig went on to say that you could offer him a billion dollars and he still wouldn’t take it. He did not only blindly say it to be on a moral high ground however, he said so because he felt he had enough confidence in the trajectory that he was doing, and that if he just continued to keep on doing what he was doing, him and his close by family and friends along with his employees would not suffer.

xQc has further said that he is not a role model to be followed and he likes to have his freedom in the things he does on stream and to be very honest, we feel that is the exact Felix that people should be comfortable seeing.

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