“Amo are you watching” Ludwig talks about Amouranth’s latest stream

This article talks about Ludwig revealing some interesting details about Amouranth's recent stream on 'The Yard' podcast

Ludwig Amouranth
Ludwig and Amouranth

On the podcast titled ‘The Yard’ Ludwig Ahgren recently revealed something mind-blowing. This event occurred after he checked Amouranth’s stream while he himself was streaming. There was an interaction between the two that left him shocked and excitedly mind-blown. All the hosts of The Yard podcasts were laughing and were in pleasant shock. So what did occur on the twitch celebrity’s stream that day?

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What did Amouranth do on her stream?

Ahgren noticed that she had typed “Go talk business” in his stream chat after which he proceeded to check her stream where she was doing her famous ear licking ASMR. He asked her “Amo are you watching me?” on his stream after which she replied with a nod on hers. This was amusing, to say the least, it was like a skype call broadcasted to thousands.


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How the Yard Podcast and Ludwig react to it?

The Yard podcast was in laughing hard at this strange series of happenings. Especially when Ludwig mentioned that all this happened while she was licking her microphone for the ear licking ASMR streaming. “Well, she has to be typing something while licking it” one of them said. Another one of them said “I thought she did her taxes or something while she did it”

Then Ahgren told them that it’s not over and that there was more to this story. He proceeded to ask her if she always watched movies and TV shows while doing this to which she smiled and nodded her head.

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