“It’s going to change the game”: Ludwig talks about YouTube’s trump card as Twitch starts to fall apart

In the latest edition of Mogul Mail, YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren has discussed about the advantages YouTube has over Twitch.

Ludwig is here with the latest Mogul Mail!

Twitch is currently facing the heat of many controversies at once. Be it the ItsSliker gambling controversy or the Mizkif-TrainwrecksTV drama, Twitch is seeing it all.Amidst all this, YouTuber Ludwig has a message for the streamers planning to switch platforms.

The infamous war between Twitch and YouTube saw its roots being sown when some high profile streamers such as Dr DisRespect and Ludwig jumped ships to the Google-owned streaming platform. Two years down, it seems several streamers are choosing to walk the same path.

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Ludwig explains YouTube’s advantages while agreeing with Twitch’s high market share

"It's going to change the game": Ludwig talks about YouTube's trump card as Twitch starts to fall apart
Ludwig Ahgren

YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren has had his fair share of popularity from Twitch but he turned heads with his announcement to move to YouTube Gaming. Comparing to the present scenario, it appears the streamer was right as most of the high profile streamers are leaving Twitch.

In his recent Mogul Mail video titled ‘Everyone is leaving Twitch’, he has highlighted the tweet made by VTuber Ironmouse who is wishing to try YouTube. In the 2 minute long discussion, he then plans to provide some advice to the creators who have been considering switching platforms.

"YouTube has a 70-30 cut, they have a robust VOD system that destroys Twitch who deletes your VODS every 60 days and they are also probably gonna be there in around 50 years and it's harder to say the same about Twitch."

Even though the streamer was weighing YouTube against Twitch, he quickly stated that he still feels that Twitch is the top dog and has a high market share. He went on to say that Twitch is still miles ahead of YouTube due to the products they offer and Twitch prime.

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At the very next moment, Ludwig started describing about the ‘game changer’ of YouTube which is their monetization of YouTube shorts. Competing head to head with Twitch, YouTube had announced 45% monetization for the YouTube shorts.

"What I have noticed with Shorts is that its a phenomenal tool at boosting viewership"

For any streamer, creating content and getting a whopping viewership is the top priority. As a result, YouTube shorts gaining so much traction might be one of the reasons why many creators are signing an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming.

Fans praise Ludwig’s content presentation

The latest Mogul Mail was expected to start a new war between Twitch and YouTube but surprisingly, fans were more inclined to discuss how perfect the streamer presents a discussion and it is easy to watch his channel to get a certain piece of information.

"It's going to change the game": Ludwig talks about YouTube's trump card as Twitch starts to fall apart
YouTube comments

VTuber Ironmouse commented that she wants to try YouTube and fans were not able to contain their excitement. Another user pointed out that Twitch has grown incompetent as having a high market share 5 years from now might be an eternity.

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