“She’s a Billionaire” Ludwig talks about the recent Viya controversy

This article talks about a recent video which Ludwig put up. The title of the video suggests that Ludwig thinks he'll get banned from china due to its content.

ludwig viya
Ludwig talking about Viya

In a recent video that Ludwig titled “This video will get me banned in China” Ludwig decided to discuss the recent controversy with the Chinese Influencer Viya. Throughout the video he was political while trying to be very diplomatic. Apart from Viya he also referenced another case that occurred back in November where a Chinese Tennis star had suddenly disappeared after saying something.

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What is the Viya Controversy?

Huang Wei popularly known in China as ‘Viya’ is an e-commerce streamer. She uses livestreaming on the Chinese platform Taobao to sell products in a form of influencer marketing. Due to her skill at doing so she has been called the “queen of livestreaming”. Recently she got caught up in a tax evasion accusation by the Chinese government and was fine $210 million dollars for doing so.

viya controversy
Huang Wei ‘Viya’ the e-commerce streamer known in China as the “queen of livestreaming”

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What did Ludwig say in his video?

Ludwig started talking about this controversy and also brought a previous incident where he had forgotten to pay his taxes and was charged with tax evasion. The streamer then brought up the dubious case of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai in which she accused a senior member of the government of sexual assault back in November and subsequently disappeared. She reappeared in December stating that her previous claims were false

Maybe due the Nature of the content of the video Ludwig thought that he would be banned from China, but this is highly unlikely as YouTube is completely blocked in China and he will have no audience there to watch his videos there.

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