“I find a lot of it funny”: Minecraft creator Dream addresses the hate raid he met post face reveal

“I find a lot of it funny”: Minecraft creator Dream addresses the hate raid he met post face reveal

Minecraft star Dream opens up on his hate raid

Minecraft star Dream’s life took a new turn on October 2nd as he revealed his face to millions of fans. The reactions that followed were that of immense surprise from fans as well as a series of hateful comments which made ‘HE’S UGLY’ trending on Twitter along with ‘Dream face reveal’.


The creator, however, took things sportingly as in a recent Bloomberg interview, he addressed the issue of his face reveal getting negative traction on the internet.

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Dream takes his face reveal criticism sportingly

"I find a lot of it funny": Minecraft creator Dream addresses the hate raid he met post face reveal
Dream and his friends

Dream seems to be enjoying his life better ever since he decided to unmask himself on social media. The Minecraft creator who remained faceless for over 10 years even to his close friends on the internet, almost broke the internet after showing his face to millions of viewers.


The face reveal video was announced a few days earlier before the revelation happened and the entire community looked forward to seeing their favorite Minecraft creator. As of writing, the video has gained over 38 million views making it the creator’s most watched video on the platform.

A lot of fan reactions were made post the revelation, some of which turned out to be negative as a user commented, ‘If I was Dream, I’d delete Twitter’. In addition to that, Twitter users started a hate raid by making memes on him and trolling him on social media.

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The internet personality, however, kept his cool and even posted some hilarious selfies on his Snapchat account so that people can make memes out of them. Following that, he also decided to open up on this issue in a Bloomberg interview. When asked about how he’s feeling that his face reveal got mixed responses, he stated-

“I was like, well, yeah, when you have 30 million eyeballs on you, a million, two million people are going to be making jokes or mean or are not great people. When you take that big of a pool, there’s going to be a portion.”

Dream further explained that the repercussions of the face reveal video stayed for a few days as he was overwhelmed with such a huge amount of response. While his mother and friends stayed with him to support him, he revealed that the criticism he received was quite funny-

“I feel like I’ve gotten so desensitized to hate, that I find a lot of it funny… that I probably maybe shouldn’t.”

After revealing his face, Dream emphasized on making more IRL content for his fans along with the SMP cast. As of now, he is enjoying a gala time with his friends at the Twitch Con San Diego 2022.

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