Addison Rae, Ranboo, and Others React to Minecraft Creator Dream’s Face Reveal

The world’s most popular streamers and content creators have given their reactions to Minecraft streamer Dream finally revealing his face and appearance online.

Famous Personalities React to Minecraft Creator Dream's Face Reveal
Many famous personalities reacted to Dream's face reveal

Throughout his career as a content creator, Dream’s face has been hidden, but that has now been changed forever. The Minecraft star had previously teased that the mask will soon come off and revealing his face is imminent. Now, the mask is off and the face behind the mask has pleasantly surprised the gaming community and certain famous personalities outside it as well.

Before he started revealing his face to his creator friends, Sapnap, a Minecraft creator who lived with Dream, and Alyssa, an inactive Minecraft creator who often played with Dream along with playing on the Dream SMP pretty often, were the only ones to have seen Dream’s face in real life.

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Minecraft Creator Dream’s Face Reveal Gets Reactions from Jake Paul, Addison Rae, and More

Famous Personalities React to Minecraft Creator Dream's Face Reveal
Dream finally revealed his face after a long wait

Karl Jacobs was the first creator to see Dream’s face since he showed it to GeorgeNotFound. Jacobs and Dream weren’t friends for as long as some of the other creators, but they soon became very close, calling each other one of their best friends. When GeorgeNotFound received his visa to immigrate to the United States and was able to live with the duo Dream and Sapnap, they FaceTimed for the first time in their friendship spanning over 6 years.

TikTok star Addison Rae, who previously played Among Us along with Dream, shared a short clip in which she sees his face for the first time, and she was seen screaming in excitement to seeing his face. Singer-songwriter Alex Benjamin (who released “Change My Clothes” with Dream) also got to see the face of the Minecraft star before his face was revealed globally.

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Another Minecraft star and a half-faced creator who has only shown part of his face, Ranboo, saw the face of Dream, based on a Twitter exchange. He later discussed it further during a livestream said that he was almost in “shock” because it was “really, really weird to, like, see a face with the voice.”

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BadBoyHalo, another Minecraft creator and Dream’s third hunter in his Minecraft Manhunt series, is one of the closest to Dream and has known Dream for over a decade. Now he’s finally seen what Dream looks like, and the duo agreed the interaction felt “surreal.” There were many other reactions from famous personalities such as KSI, Jake Paul who called Dream “Dreamy as hell”, and many more. Find more reactions below.

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