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Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update: List of all mobs added!

The mobs in Minecraft 1.19 have been great so far and here is a sneak peek at them!

Minecraft 1.19 Mobs

Minecraft 1.19 has been released globally and in both the variations of the game with all its new features. Here is a complete list of mobs that were added in the Minecraft 1.19 update this month.

The new update has been awaited for the longest time by the community and it is called the Wild Update. This update brings with it some of the biggest release of mobs, biomes, and also some new blocks. The mobs are especially the point of focus as it is no secret that the Warden mob is coming in this patch. moreover, we have a new mob from the Mob Vote of 2021 that was a part of Minecraft Live earlier last year.

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Minecraft 1.19: All mobs and features

Minecraft 1.19

A total of 5 mobs have been revealed in the update and each has its own unique features that make them stand out and add something more to the game.

Here are the list of mobs that have been added:

The Warden

YouTube: wattles

This is the most famous mob out of the 4 and is the latest addition by the developers to introduce a horror aspect to Minecraft. Wardens are a big aggressive mob that will be spawning in the Deep Dark biome deep under the ground. It has one of the highest damage scaling in the game and players will need to stay away from it most of the time. This mob has been hyped up for a long time and has finally been released!



This is a new amphibian mob that will populate all of the biomes in the game near the smaller water bodies. They will have a growth cycle developing from tadpoles and then growing to their adult forms, the frogs. These will be passive animals and will be eating slimes!



This is the baby form of a Frog but it is a separate entity in the game. They will grow up to be frogs, but in this stage, they will be exclusively marine animals. Only after they mature, can they go on land and become amphibians.

YouTube: Shulkercraft



The Allay is the mob that was voted in by the Mob Vote of 2021 and is a helpful and the most interactive one out of the list. This mob will be passive towards the players and also collect items for the player if the player makes it hold an item similar to it.

Even though fireflies were supposed to make an arrival in the newly upgraded Swamps biome, they did not make the cut.

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