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Minecraft Championship (MCC) 20: Final Standings!

Here are the final standings for all the teams in Minecraft Championship 20 (MCC)!

Minecraft Championship 20 Standings

Minecraft Championship just concluded after a 2-hour long battle between the teams and some came out as the victor. Here is the final standing for Minecraft Championship (MCC) 20 with coin tally discussed.

Minecraft Championship 20 has long been awaited by the fan base as the event had gone on hiatus in December, last year. The event returned on March 2022, and started off with 10 new teams with 4 members each. It also featured the mini-games that we all know and love, and also a new addition to the roster in Rocket Spleef. The team struggled for the win, and the winner and standings have all been revealed.

Here are the final standings for the Minecraft Championship 20.

Minecraft Championship 20: Final Standings!

Minecraft Championship 20

The MC Championship 20 has just concluded the event and Noxcrew has revealed the final standings according to coin tally and the penultimate winner of the games!

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The event featured a total of 10 teams with 4 players each, with many popular Minecraft content creators and streamers showing up. The event featured 8 mini-games and Dodgebolt as the final game, which produced a new winner for this edition.

The Overall Winner for the MC Championship 20 edition is Aqua Axolotls who defeated Yellow Yaks in the final game of Dodgebolt to take home the prize. They beat the Yaks in a 3-0 dominating match and were crowned the winner of MCC 20.

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However, based on the coin tally, the winners are a bit different. The first place in the Coin tally is held by Yellow Yaks with 23662 total coins. They are followed up by the runners-up Aqua Axolotls, who fell behind by just a bit.

MC Championship: Yellow Yaks

The total coin tallies of teams and their standings are as follows:

  • Yellow Yaks (23662 coins)
  • Aqua Axoltols (23580 coins)
  • Green Geckos (21377 coins)
  • Blue Bats (18362 coins)
  • Orange Ocelots (17774 coins)
  • Cyan Coyotes (17070 coins)
  • Pink Parrots (15997 coins)
  • Lime Llamas (14248 coins)
  • Purple Pandas (13105 coins)
  • Red Rabbits (11650 coins)

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