Minecraft Technoblade passes away after a long battle with cancer

"So long Nerds", Minecraft Technoblade shares a final goodbye video on his YouTube channel.

Minecraft Technoblade
Minecraft Technoblade: Pig Avatar

Minecraft Technoblade was a very popular Minecraft streamer and content creator and sadly he has passed away yesterday after a long and tough battle with cancer. The message was relayed in a new video posted on his channel where his father addresses his fans and reveals the terrible news.

The popular Minecraft content creator revealed his condition after a break back in August 2021. The diagnosis came as a shock to the entire Minecraft community and most prevalently to his fans. The YouTuber was undergoing chemotherapy since then but the cancer was in stage four already. The news of his death was shared by his own father on June 30. One last video was uploaded on the channel to address the fans that were waiting for some news from the creator.

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Minecraft Technoblade uploads one last YouTube video

Minecraft Technoblade
Minecraft Technoblade’s YouTube Avatar

The YouTube Channel for Technoblade has received one last update and in it, his father addresses the community and relays the last message left by the Minecraft streamer to his fans.

Alex passed away at the age of 23 and left a heartfelt message to his fanbase in the video.

YouTube: Technoblade

He expressed his gratitude to his fans and also said that “If I had another hundred lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time. Because those were the happiest years of my life.”

He wrote a few last paragraphs into his father’s laptop and then passed away just 8 hours later. His family, including his father, mother, and siblings were present with him for the final farewell.


The video ends with a final note from his family stating that he had loved and respected all of his colleagues and fans. This devastating news has rocked the community with many fans expressing their grief and solidarity with his family.

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