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What are the features of Minecraft Allay?

The Minecraft Allay is a great new mob and the winner of Mob vote 2021. Here are some of its features!

Minecraft Allay

Minecraft has finally released the Wild Update in the game and it is globally released on both versions. Here are the features for the Minecraft Allay, which is one of the new mobs in the 1.19 patch update.

The Minecraft Wild Update has been widely anticipated by the community and the release has come this summer as promised by Mojang. The game, although lacking some of the promised features, has revealed most of the mobs and biomes as promised in Minecraft Live and snippets released on their social media. The Minecraft Allay is a brand new mob with features that are completely unique to it!

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Minecraft Allay: What does it do?

Minecraft Allay

The Minecraft Live 2021 had revealed some of the core updates coming in 2022 including the Wild Update and the new mobs coming in it. The mobs are the main focal point for the fanbase as they give the players new ways to interact with them.

YouTube: Minuthu

The Allay is a small flying mob that looks like a blue ghostly wisp. However, this is a completely passive mob and it also has some unique functions that are new to this mob.

These mobs are only found in Pillager outposts, where they are kept in a dark oak cage, and in Woodland mansions, where they spawn inside jail cells. Apart from these places, they cannot be found naturally generating anywhere. However, players can duplicate them by giving them an Amethyst Shard.

YouTube: Eyecraftmc

The main feature of this mob lies in its ability to fetch items for the players. This requires the player to give a particular item to the Allay after which it will follow the player and will pick up dropped versions of the same item and it will then deliver it to the player. This item can be changed by giving it a separate item.

A fun fact about the Allay is that it will dance along to the tunes from the Jukebox.

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