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When will the Minecraft Allay arrive in the game?

Here are some details about the release dates of the Minecraft Allay into the game!

Minecraft Allay

Minecraft has seen frequent updates in the last year and players can expecting big things this year as well. Many might question about the inclusion of the Minecraft Allay, which was last featured in the Minecraft Live of 2021. Here we answer all the questions about the nature and arrival of the new mob in the game.

Minecraft had held a very successful Live event in 2021 which addressed some of the upcoming updates and also the major new update that will be released this year, in 2022. This new update will be called The Wild Update, and aims at beautifying the forests and swamps of the game. Naturally there were many new mobs showcased in the Live, that were completely new.

A Mob Vote was also held which was won by the fairy-like mob, Allay. Here are some features for the mob and its release into the game.

Minecraft Allay

Minecraft Allay

The Allay is a small fairy-like mob that was voted to be included in the Minecraft Live 2021. This mob beat out the Glare and Copper Golem to emerge the victor.

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The Minecraft allay will be a mob with a variety of utility features that will make it stand out from other mobs. It will be a helper of sorts where players can give it one time and Allay will find other similar items and bring it back to the players.

However, the exact mechanic on how this works has not been revealed to the community as of yet. However, we do know that they love cookies!

When will the Allay come in the game?

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The Allay has been selected to be included in The Wild Update that will be releasing sometime this year. However, the exact dates for the launch has not been revealed yet. Players will also get to see the Warden, frogs and Fireflies in the Minecraft 1.19 update!

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